What are the Advantages and disadvantages of female condoms?

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of female condoms?

Advantages of the female condom

1. Easily available

The female condom does not require a prescription and is therefore pretty easy to get. You can find it in most drugstores and some supermarkets as well. This product can be bought from retailers or you can even buy them online as per your convenience.

2. Stays firmly

Female condoms do not tend to alter their position. The condom would never shift from its position even if the man loses his erection. Unlike male condoms, female condoms do not usually disrupt the intercourse and stays firmly in its place during penetrations.

3. Prevents infections

Female condom lets you share the responsibility for preventing infection. It protects you from transmission of diseases such as Chlamydia, genital warts, herpes and HIV. They act as a barrier and prevent the entry of sperms which could otherwise lead to undesired pregnancies.

4. No side effects

Female condoms are better than other contraceptives as they do not alter the hormonal level of the body. An alteration in the level of hormones can lead to certain changes in the body. Other contraceptives such as birth control pills tend to have certain side effects that change the hormonal levels which can be harmful to your sexual health.

5. Non-allergic

This condom is made with polyurethane and not latex and can, therefore, be used comfortably by people with a latex allergy. Often people with latex allergy have minimal options when it comes to contraceptives. Female condoms, therefore, provides an effective and affordable means of contraception.

6. User-friendly

Sometimes if required it can be inserted up to a few hours before intercourse. It does not interfere with your daily activities and you can carry out with your usual chores with the condom inserted.

7. Effective stimulation

It can enhance your sexual experiences. The external ring has the ability to stimulate the clitoris during vaginal intercourse. This stimulation can give you more arousals and gives you some enthralling moments of joy.

Disadvantages of the female condom

1. Causes irritation

The women condom could cause some irritation in the vagina, vulva, penis, or anus (if it's being used anally). Often the intimate skin is reactive towards external objects and it may trigger a sense of irritation that can be unpleasant.

2. Slips

The major drawback of the female condom is that it may slip into the vagina during intercourse. It can sometimes be annoying and can disrupt the spontaneity of the sexual experience.

3. Difficult to use

It can be a little bit difficult to insert it, especially at first. Female condoms should be properly inserted into the genital if you fail to do so, then it might affect its efficiency and could lead to unwanted pregnancies and transmission of diseases. And to avoid such dangers, order condoms in India.

4. Unpleasant Noise

Using a female condom can create a louder noise during sex. Although you can buy sex lubes to avoid such unpleasant encounters, it might still be annoying for most of the people.


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Modified on 08 Jul, 2020

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