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Buy Durex Condoms, Sex Lubricants, Vibrating Pleasure Rings Online - No.1 Condom Brand

Durex Jeans - Ultra Slim Condoms - Straight Walled Close Fit - 6 Packs - 12 Condoms


Durex play vibrating sex ring - silicone based penis ring - 30 Minutes sensual pleasure for couples


Durex play cheeky cherry intimate lubricant - 50ml Fruity flavoured pleasure gel


Durex Play Saucy Strawberry Sex Lubricant - 50ml Fruity Flavoured Pleasure Gel


Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant - 50ml Pleasure Gel


Durex Play Massage 2in1 Stimulating Intimate Lube - 200ml Massage Gel with Arousing Guarana


Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual Intimate Lube - 200ml Massage Gel with Seductive Ylang Ylang


Durex Excite Me - Dotted Condoms - 0.070 mm thin - Standard Size 10 Condoms


Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms - 0.070mm thin - Regular Size 10s pack


Durex Feel Thin - Super Thin Condoms - 0.055 mm thin - Regular Size 10 Condoms


Durex Taste Me Apple Flavoured - 0.070 mm thin - Regular Size 10 Condoms


Fruity flavored condoms combo of 3

345 335

Durex Excite Me - Dotted Condoms - 0.070 mm thin - Standard Size - 3 Packs - 9 Condoms


Durex extended, Skore not out, Moods all night condoms

345 340

Condoms for dotted-thin-flavour combo

395 385

Durex play tingling and kamasutra longlast spray combo

675 665

Skore Condom and Durex Lube Combo

555 545

Durex massage gel - ribbed condoms

750 740

Durex massage gel and KamaSutra honeymoon pack

1249 1229

Durex different flavoured lubes combo

950 935

Durex Extra Time Condoms Combo Pack of 3 - 9 Condoms


Durex Extra Time Condoms Pack of 3 Condoms


Cooling pleasurable long lasting condoms combo - 3 packs

345 335

Durex Condom Combo - All Varieties Of Durex Condoms - 5 Packs - 50 Condoms

885 870

Durex Thin condoms and Lubes

995 980

Durex Feel Thin and Pleasure Condoms with Sensual Lubes

1010 999

Durex Massage Lube and Dotted Condoms Combo

995 980

Durex Extended Pleasure Condom with Massage Gel

1010 999

Durex Massage Gel and Thin Condoms Combo

1010 999

Durex - Moods - Skore Condoms Combo

575 565

Durex excite me and Banana Flavored condoms combo

260 250

Durex Feel Thin and Massage Gel pack of 2

830 820

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms - Close Fit 0.055 mm thin - Standard Size 10 Condoms


Durex Kohinoor Juicy Strawberry Flavored Condoms


Durex Kohinoor Meetha Paan Flavored Condoms


Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Flavoured Condoms 10's Pack


Durex Kohinoor Silky Chocolate Condoms


Durex Feel Thin Condoms - Super Thin Combo of 3 Packs - 9 Condoms


Durex Extra Time Condoms - 0.070 mm thin - Long Lasting Pleasure - Regular Size 10 Condoms


Durex Extra Thin Condoms - 0.055 mm thin - Extra Sensation - Standard Size 10 Condoms


Durex Extra Dotted Condoms - 0.070 mm thin - Standard Size 10 Condoms


Durex Extra Thin and Extra Time Condoms Combo Pack of 2 - 20 Condoms

360 350

Durex Extra Dotted and Extra Time Condoms Combo Pack of 2 - 20 Condoms

360 350

Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms - 0.070 mm thin - Ribbed and Dotted Texture - Regular Size 10 Condoms


Durex Condom Combo - New Varieties Of Durex Condoms 5 Packs - 50 Condoms

900 870

Durex Jeans Super Fit Condoms Jar 25 Pack


Extra Thin Condoms combo pack of 2 - 20 condoms

300 280

Durex Thin Condoms Combo Pack of 2 - 20 Condoms

360 350

Ultra Slim Condom

390 380

Extra Slim Condoms

400 380

Extra time condoms combo pack of 3 - 32 condoms

374 360

Super fit size condom

270 260

Apple flavoured condoms

345 345

Super dotted and extra time condoms combo

340 325

Durex Honey Moon Pack


Durex condoms history

Buy Durex condoms online, who happens to be the World's no. 1 safest condom brand. The brand "DUREX" was launched in 1929. Durex provides branded condoms with over 90 years of experience in the sex industry. Their principle is Durability, Reliability and Excellence that is in the abbreviated form of DU-RE-X. Formerly Durex belongs to SLL, later it got tied up with British group RB (Reckitt Benckiser). Durex offers the confidence to have safe sex with scientifically proven tested methods. The specially designed Durex condoms smell much better and will help you to feel more passion.

Why use Durex Condoms and Lubricants?

Durex has more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing sex lubricants and condoms. All Durex condoms use only very fine quality raw materials and every single condom is tested electronically, at least 5 times, to ensure the best quality.

You should buy durex condoms online as the brand delivers the royal sexual feel, which users can realize while using it. People of all ages, ethnicity and walks of life prefer Durex for protected and incredible sexual intercourse. These condoms are appraised as the best type of prophylactic that offers protection and delight. This brand also promotes other sexual wellness products like Vibrations - Vibrating Rings, Best Quality Condoms and Sex Lubes.

Durex Condoms

Sex is a fundamental part of human life, and one must not take any risk with regards to doing it immediately without proper protection. Durex condoms offer the best preventive measures against STD's and HIV while engaging in sexual relations. The use of condoms is simply the most effective approach to safeguard yourself from AIDS, HIV and undesirable pregnancy. Durex Condoms help in decreasing the danger of transmitting diseases by barring the trading of fluids almost everytime you engage in sexual relations. Research expresses that, if a condom is worn perfectly, there is only 3% possibility for pregnancy and even under 3% risk of getting an explicitly transmitted infection.

Durex also offers condoms with six different varieties like Pleasure Me(Extra Pleasure), Extra Ribbed, Taste Me Apple(Flavoured condom), Extra Dotted, Feel Thin, Excite Me, Air Ultra Thin(Real Feel Condom) and Extended Pleasure (long lasting condom). Durex condoms are made of the finest quality raw materials and they are specially made to maximize sexual pleasure. Every single condom contains a perfect level of lubrication required for extra pleasure during sex. You can be assured knowing that all Durex condoms are a product of a process that is thoroughly tried and tested. Durex condoms allow the user to experience extra pleasure during lovemaking without any fear or worry. If you love sex, definitely you will love these items manufactured by Durex.

Durex Personal Lubricants

Personal lubricant gels are made with special flavours: Massage 2-in-1 Sensual (Ylang), Massage 2-in-1 Stimulating(Guarana), Cherry, Ice-mint and Strawberry. It is capable of being used for both oral and anal sex.

Durex Vibrating Rings

Durex vibrators are coming in three different varieties: Love sex play vibrator, Ultra pleasure ring and Devil ring.

Six Different Types of Durex condoms in India

  • 1. Ultra Thin Condoms
  • 2. Dotted Condoms
  • 3. Ribbed Condoms
  • 4. Dotted and Ribbed Condoms
  • 5. Long Lasting Condoms
  • 6. Flavoured Condoms

What are the best Durex condoms

If you are looking to increase sexual pleasure for her, choose the best Durex condom. Listed below are the top quality Durex condoms :

  • 1. Durex Extra Time Condoms for Climax Delay
  • 2. Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms for Close Fit
  • 3. Durex Extra Thin Condoms for Extra Sensation
  • 4. Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms for Extra Stimulation
  • 5. Durex Extra Dotted Condoms for More Pleasure
  • 6. Durex Taste Me Apple Flavoured Condoms for Extra Fun.

Are Durex thin condoms more likely to break?

No, The thickness of the Durex condom does not really relate to safety. Since Durex is a renowned brand, the condoms are tested electronically and dermatologically before putting into commercial use. So the chances for the condoms to break are very low.

Where to buy Durex condoms?

You can buy Durex condoms from all medical shops. If you feel embarrassed to go to the medical shop, you can always visit our store located in Adyar. We have a different variety of condoms and unlike medical shops, you don't have to be shy with us. Also, you can place an order Durex condoms online on our website, which will be delivered to you in a Concealed Packing in 3 - 5 working days.

Are Durex Lubricants edible?

Yes, Dure Play Lubricant Massage Gels are edible. It can be used for anal, oral and vaginal sex. You can use any of Durex lubes ranges safely with all Condoms and sex toys.

Can I use Durex condoms for anal intercourse?

Yes, all Durex condoms can be used for anal intercourse.

Can I use Durex flavoured condoms for both vaginal and oral sex?

Yes, Durex flavoured condoms can be used for both oral and vaginal sex. Flavoured Condoms are designed primarily for vaginal sex. However, they are suitable for oral sex. Durex suggests if used in oral sex that another new condom be used for vaginal sex.

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