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Bella tampons - their variations normal, super and super plus

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Bella tampons - their variations normal, super and super plus

Tampons are another safer form of menstrual protection and it is typically designed in a cylindrical shape that can be easily inserted into the female genital for the absorption of menstrual flow. Bella tampons come with a higher degree of quality and give extra security to intimate area. It is made of 100% cotton and most tampons have applicator in the form of chord or string for easy removal. Bella tampons do come in a variety of types, materials and absorbencies.


Bella Normal Tampons

It is very effective due to the perfectly absorptive material and mainly applicable for average bleedings. It is capable of absorbency from nine to twelve hours During Menstruation. It is wrapped by cloth and allows you to insert easily since its shape is similar to the syringe and it provides maximum protection from stains on dresses and clothes. It comes with non-woven material to cover the tampons in order to prevent it from the release of separate fibres and to afford extra safety of usage.

Bella super Tampons

It is mainly used for heavier bleedings and its absorbency is higher than normal tampons such as from 9 to 12 g. It is similar to Bella regular tampons except for good absorbency rather than Bella regular tampons. It also provides protection against leakage and strains.

Bella super plus tampons

It is suitable for women having very heavier bleeding and Bella super-size is not enough. It is having the high absorbency than Bella regular and Bella super tampons such as varies from 12 to 15 g. All variety of Bella tampons are designed similar except than absorbency.

Follow the tips for decreasing the risk of TSS

Doctors specialised in gynaecology suspect that tampons were behind the root of toxic shock syndrome. It is recommended to follow the instructions for reducing the risk of TSS while using tampons.  They are

  1. Change the tampons every four to six hours.
  2. Do not use tampons when sleeping or overnight.
  3. Choose cloth or cotton based rather than rayon material.
  4. Follow the guidelines that come with tampons as to how to insert carefully.
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Modified on 20 Jun, 2019

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