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Are menstrual cups easier to insert than tampons?

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Menstrual hygiene plays an important role in women's health. A lack of effective and environmentally-friendly menstrual products can affect their health and environment. Reusable menstrual cups made of medical-grade silicone are considered to be sustainable alternatives to pads and tampons. Just like tampons, cups are also folded and inserted into the vagina. 

Menstrual cups are easier to use

Menstrual cups online are safe and convenient to use. Tampon users often complain about the pain they get while using them and also there are chances tampons might not stay in place for some reasons. When compared, cups are made of soft silicon and when inserted rightly, there is a good chance to stay in place for a long time and you don't even feel them. There are some menstrual cups specially created for low cervix people who are not comfortable using tampons. Also, menstrual cups hold twice the volume of fluid than a tampon and hence can be emptied less frequently. Just that it takes time to get used to cups.


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Modified on 11 Jan, 2021

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