Can I Use a Menstrual Cup for Discharge?

Can I Use a Menstrual Cup for Discharge?

Because of the collecting attribute of the menstrual cup, it is normal to have doubts about whether a menstrual cup can be used for vaginal discharge. Even though the menstrual cups have a very low risk of TSS around the globe, the risk is a risk and why do you want to put yourself at risk by using it every day or for white discharge.

And using menstrual cup every day might exert pressure on the cervix and vaginal walls. This might cause some pain and discomfort. Also, you might end up loosening your vagina. Because the menstrual cups are already being used for 5 days every month. You should let your body to come back to its original state for the rest of the month.

So no, menstrual cups should not be used for white discharge. But, if you could go ahead and buy best menstrual cups and use it for your periods, it is a great alternative and eco-friendly.

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Modified on 14 Jul, 2020

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Telling people a cup will loosen their vaginal walls is ridiculously untrue and wrong to do
about 7 months ago
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