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Will using vaginal dilator be painful?

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Vaginal dilators come in different sizes so you can start dilator therapy with the small one and after using it for 3 to 4 weeks, gradually shift to the next dilator size. Based on your condition to be treated, choosing the right size dilator is important so that you can avoid any injury.

Another reason where you might feel uncomfortable using a vaginal dilator is when you are experiencing vaginal dryness. In this case, you should always apply water-based lubricant before using dilators. Apply the lubricant to the dilator and the opening of your vagina so that it will be easier for your to insert and dilate. During the session, if you feel dry, you can apply more to avoid friction. Using vaginal dilators for women to stretch vagina is a great non-surgical at-home remedy. Only when done consistently by following the instructions, you can see effective results. Buy vaginal dilator online on shycart and use it the right way as per the instructions to strengthen your vaginal muscles and participate in a pain free sexual intercourse. 


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Modified on 16 Sep, 2022

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