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How to use a vaginal dilator?

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Here are some important tips you need to know while using vaginal dilators for women.

1. Buy vaginal dilator online india and read the instructions given.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly before using the dilators.

3. Just like how you would insert a tampon, slowly insert the round end of the dilator straight at a slight downward angle, toward your spine. 

4. To ease the process you can use a water-based lubricant. Apply the lubricant to the opening of vagina and the dilator.

5. Until you feel some muscle tension keep inserting. Never force the dilator while inserting instead insert it gently.

6. To relax your vaginal muscles and ease the process of insertion, you can do some kegel exercises or some deep breathing.

7. If you cannot insert it into the vagina during your first try, do not panic. Upon consistent use, you will be able to insert it a little deeper.

8. As per the time mentioned in the instructions, move the dilator inside and push it in and out. You can apply more lubricant if needed.

9. Take out the dilator and cleat it for the next use.

10. If you have too much pain while inserting, stop it and consult your healthcare provider.

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Modified on 12 Sep, 2022

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