Why are intimate washes necessary?

Why are intimate washes necessary?

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Why are intimate washes necessary?

Improper hygiene in the intimate region can result in some unpleasant problems like irritation, itching, pain, odor, abnormal discharge or infection. A lot of gynaecologists advise using hot water for temporary relief but in certain cases, you may feel that is not enough. You should consider using intimate washes that are designed for intimate care.

About Vaginal hygiene:

The vagina has a characteristic defensive layer which is acidic in nature, to help anticipate contamination. This layer is kept up when great microbes called lactobacilli produce Lactic corrosive (or milk corrosive), which keeps up the acidic environment at a pH estimation of 3.5 to 4.5. This advances the development of lactobacilli, repressing the vicinity of destructive microorganisms and averting disease.

Subsequently, the vagina deals with itself by constantly delivering emissions to give lubrication, scrub and keep up its fitting corrosiveness to anticipate disease. Sometime vagina might lack natural lubrication which causes vaginal dryness. This condition is treated by buying personal lubricant

How does intimate wash work?

Intimate Wash such as the Everteen Natural Intimate wash is intended to maintain the body's normal vaginal hygiene and keep up complete vaginal cleanliness. Antimicrobial properties of 100% normal dynamic elements of it hinder bacterial development bringing on vaginal contamination, unsavoury smell and aggravation. It is deductively intended to promote the body's regular pH balance and keep up complete vaginal cleanliness. Antimicrobial properties of 100% common dynamic. Daily utilization of it aids in keeping diseases and gives alleviation from steady tingling or blazing in vaginal range.

What makes these intimate washes so safe and comfortable?

Most soaps are alkaline in nature which has a pH value of 8 to 10. With daily use, this will upset the ideal pH balance of the vagina. Even water has a pH value of 7; which is far from the ideal vaginal pH balance. This is why using soap or only water for cleansing the vagina may not be ideal for intimate hygiene. You should use products such as Clean and Dry Foam Intimate Wash that comes with a lactic acid formulation and which helps to balance the delicate pH balance of the vagina. In terms of pH balance, the intimate area is an acidic part of the human body, with a pH value ranging from 3.5 to 4.5

These intimate washes have special Lactic Acid formula; infused with tea tree oil & sea buckthorn oil, helps maintain the pH balance of the vagina prevents itchiness, irritation, dryness & leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

Usage timing? 

Cleanliness is a day by day schedule; so is your Intimate cleanliness routine with the wash. It ought to be utilized day by day amid washing, each time after urinating and each time after sex.

It abandons you feeling great & crisp throughout the day. It is more secure to be utilized amid the feminine cycle and pregnancy.

How to use?

It can be used at whatever time of the day. Brisk & simple to utilize, it can be used by pouring a couple of drops onto your palm & tenderly kneading the outside region of your vagina. Flush completely with water after application. 

It can be utilized notwithstanding amid your periods & leaves no symptoms.

Intimate wash for breasts area:

Sweat in the breast or boob sweat is another major concern for women as it causes those awkward arm-crossed encounters and chaffing. This intimate wash keeps you dry and unchafed and absolutely comfortable. This following product is highly recommended for sweaty breasts

Fresh breasts cream for a clean breast


These intimate washes and the rules apply not just for women but for men also. Intimate hygiene is also meant for men as they are also expected to maintain hygiene. There are intimate washes exclusively for men as well like these following products:

- Fresh balls for clean scrotum

- Earthvedic Men's Intimate Wash

- Earthvedic Intimate Wash Men with Tea Tree Extract

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