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Do Cloth Pads Smell?

The first thing that comes to mind while choosing a reusable cloth pad is “Do Cloth Pads Smell?” shycart is happy to say that cloth pads do not smell. Reusable cloth pads tend to stay fresh than disposable pads. The fabric present in the cloth pad will allow the moisture to evaporate. If the cloth pad is less moisture, then there is a chance for fewer bacteria that produce unwanted smells.

The chemicals present in disposable pads are designed to absorb fluid and produce a horrid odor. That’s the reason why disposable pad produces a bad smell. Also, it produces a pungent smell when it is wet or soiled. Hence many brands make their disposable sanitary pads heavily scented, to mask the odour.

Reusable cloth pads do not contain any nasty chemicals. Hence, it restricts the happening of unwanted reactions when the pad absorbs menstrual fluid. So, a cloth pad does not produce any smell or odor. Buy reusable cloth pads from shycart at best price and enjoy your periods.

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Modified on 17 Apr, 2021

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