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What is the best lubricant when trying to conceive

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Many couples trying to conceive are concerned about what is the best sperm friendly lubricant for fertility to use. People who are already using a personal lubricant are worried if they are using the right lube that helps to conceive. Using the right fertility-friendly lubricant is necessary to increase sperm motility and survival. Other common lubricants might be harmful to sperm and reduce your success rate for pregnancy. Let's check out the best lubricant to use when planning for a pregnancy.

Pre-seed fertility-friendly lubricant 

Pre-seed lubricant is a fertility-friendly lubricant that is also sperm-friendly. During ovulation, it is necessary for the sperm to swiftly reach the egg which results in conception. Vaginal fluids act as lubricants that help in the sperm journey to the egg. This is a skin-friendly lubricant and enhances natural feel and comfort during intercourse. It is applied vaginally before intercourse and improves the success rate for pregnancy.

Is pre-seed fertility lubricant safe?

Pre-seed lubricant is PH balanced and isotonic. The consistency mimics the vaginal fluids and is safe to use. It is glycerine free and is not harmful to sperm. It is clinically proven to be safe when trying to conceive. Buy pre-seed lubricant online on shycart and increase your chances of pregnancy.

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Modified on 01 Sep, 2022

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