What are the best personal lubricants in india

What are the best personal lubricants in india

Personal lubes in India are specially used to reduce the friction and pain during sexual intercourse. It can be applied to sex toys and can be used during masturbation to degrade the friction. Most of the women experience dryness due to certain reasons such as breastfeeding and menopause. A good lubricant helps to reduce the friction between the vagina and penis. When one of their partners experience dryness it helps to ease in love-making with some additional time. Lubricants can also be used with condoms owing to the matter of safety and pleasure. Some of the lubes are listed below which have INS and OUT but which are definitely must-tries.


Water-based lubricants:

Water based lubricants are widely used and it is made of base water, hydrophilic and cellulose. It is specialised in dehydration and can be easily washed after use. But only thing is that it is not good in practice when having the sexual ride in a pool, water, tub as it being made of water-soluble fluid and you need to re-apply if sex extends for some time.


Oil-based lubricants:

Most experts recommend that it is an ideal product for male use only. It provides good lubrication with less sensation compared to water-based lubricants. It can tend to tear latex condoms or slipping of condoms due to loss of elasticity caused by these lubes.


 Silicone-based lubricants:

It creates such an exotic feel, Ultra-moisturizing and can be used in showers, tubs, etc. and lasts longer than water based lubricants. But it is not recommendable for sex toys as it is being made of silicone and cannot be easily cleaned like water based lubes. It can also be used for massage.


Flavoured Lubricants:

It greatly helps to provide boost fun to your intimacy. It is smooth, great-tasting like real fruit and sugar-free formula. They are available in flavours such as blueberry, Kiwi strawberry, juicy watermelon and pomegranate.


Warming Lubricants:

It provides an extra sensation during sex and it is mainly made of glycerol. It may cause an allergic reaction even though it doesn't contain toxins. Some ample amount of lubricant can be applied to nipples and muscles to warm them.


All natural lubricants:

It is greatly contributed to your intimacy enhancement and provides the reduction in chronic pain, maintains the immune system and keeps healthy life. It is an eco-friendly and organic product.

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Modified on 25 Jun, 2020

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