What cause vagina to become loose?

What cause vagina to become loose?

What are the factors that lead to loosening the vagina?

Women may notice the loosening of vagina as they grow older since the estrogen levels reduces and walls

of the vagina become thinner and less elastic. The muscles start to lose their tautness. Women who

have children after thirties’ may feel looseness after delivering child. Another factor is that

giving numerous childbirth can change the elasticity of woman's vaginal muscles.

How do I know whether my vagina has loosened or not?

Three or more fingers can be interpolated easily. Both of the partners have to try harder for achieving a climax. There may be difficulties in

captivating fingers with female vagina. Lips of the vagina do not close even though when a woman is not aroused.

How to tighten the vagina quickly?

Most sex therapists often recommended is kegel exercise to resolve the vaginal tautness. Kegel exercises can help to tighten the vagina and also prevent urinary incontinence. Sex therapists suggest that woman has to do kegel exercises as a regular habit; you should feel tighter in next couple of months and stay sexually healthy. Kegel exercise has nothing to do with vaginal muscles but it strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that around the vagina. Another approach is that vaginal tightening cream is one of the effective ways to tighten your vagina. It enhances the blood circulation in order to rejuvenate the clitoris. It encourages natural lubrication and always keeps you down very hygienic and doesn't impact with any side impacts since it is made of 100% natural herbs. You should feel tighter after using it and you should also enjoy the sexual pleasure with more intense orgasms.

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Modified on 25 Mar, 2020

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