What are the best condoms with unique design

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What are the best condoms with unique design

When you buy condom online and start using them regularly, you might soon get tired of the normal and plain ones.

Here are the list of top 10 condoms online which are unique condoms with special design and ingredients, which sets them apart from other, normal condoms. 

Top 10 condoms which are unique

1. Durex Pleasure Me - The extraordinarily situated ribs and raised specks upgrade incitement for you and your accomplice. Durex Pleasure Me condoms can guarantee incitement for you and your accomplice. The extraordinarily outlined shape with exceptionally situated ribs and raised specks. These ribs are put at the base of the condom to make clitoral incitement. The exceptional way we make Durex Pleasure Me condoms implies they notice better. So there are no upsetting diversions, and you can simply unwind and appreciate.

2. Moods Absolute Xtasy - With specially molded super dots on the outside and their flared shape, these extra time condoms are something to go for.

3. Moods Melange - Celebrate the power of choice with butterscotch, vanilla and strawberry with specially moulded dots that promise to drive you nuts over and over.

4. Moods Silver Electrify - Discover the spark of lovemaking with Moods Electrify. These Ribbed, Dotted, Flared and Climax Delay (Special lubricant with 5% benzocaine in PEG) condoms give you electrifying sensations that go on all night. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex. Natural latex coloured lubricated condoms with reservoir tip. Or for extra lubrication and smooth intercourse, buy sex lubes online from Moods. MOODS MALE LATEX CONDOMS, also available in other exciting variants.

5. Skore Champion Time Less - Skore time less climax delay condoms pack of 10's, with a unique Zig Zag shape of dotted and ribbed condoms, while being extra time condoms at the same time. With their unique disposable bag for each condom, they surely can be tried once. If the lubricant used in the condom is not sufficient for you, then you could buy delay lubricant online for exhilarating lovemaking. 

6. Kohinoor Pink- The delicate fragrance of Kohinoor Pink condom with a great fit. The unique thing about Kohinoor Pink is their size - while other condoms size are 53mm, the size of this condom is just 49mm

7. KamaSutra Pleasure Wet n' Wild - Kama sutra wet’n wild condoms with 600mg of silicone lubrication guarantee a frictionless sexual experience. While you are enjoying the sexual act, this condom with double lubrication offers intense stimulation and makes you both you go wild and fulfil all your sexual fantasies. The pack comes with ten premium dotted condoms and the logo “Double Lubrication Double Fun”. This product promises to stimulate your erogenous zones effortlessly.

8. Kamasutra Skyn Original characteristics include being soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive, as they were made from the revolutionary skyn feel. They are non latex condoms made with soft material that you’ll find barely noticeable but as strong as premium latex. To enhance the pleasure, they are lubricated with long lasting ultra-smooth lubricant. So, in a way, they are long lasting condoms as well. As they are made with reservoir end and with a width of 53 mm, you’ll find the fit extremely comfortable. 

9. Durex Extra Time Condoms - This is one of the best man delay condoms. Durex extra time condoms contain benzocaine lubricant. It helps man to Delay ejaculation. 

10. Kamasutra Skyn Extra Lube - There would be times when even a super premium condom would bore you out. So, you would need something a bit more exciting. That is why KamaSutra SKYN Condoms came up with this Skyn Extra Lube condoms which, along with everything that Skyn Original offers, adds lubrication to it and that makes everything feel a whole lot better. It also has 40% more long lasting lube, which means this Skyn condom enhances the sexual experience by 40% more than the other Skyn Condom and a better long lasting condom.

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Modified on 13 Jul, 2020

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