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V Wash Wow Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin - Large 5's pack

  • 8 piece(s) sold
  • Brand: VWash

V Wash Wow Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin - Large 5's pack

  • 8 piece(s) sold
  • Brand: VWash
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VWash Wow Sanitary Napkin - Ultra Thin, Large, 5's pack

VWash Wow Sanitary Napkin - Ultra Thin - Large

V Wash Essentials Sanitary pad, which is also known as a sanitary napkin or menstrual pad, is a thin pad made of absorbent material that absorbs the menstrual fluid during menstruation. The VWash WOW sanitary pad is a feminine hygiene product that is worn externally, unlike tampons and menstrual cups which are worn inside the vagina. The frequency one will need,  to change her pad will vary depending on whether her menstrual flow is heavy or normal. They are compactly individually wrapped so they are easier and more discreet to carry in a purse or bag. WOW brand comes in various lengths such as Regular napkin , Large napkin and Xtra Large napkin for a day or overnight protection, there are many options of pads to choose from to fit your body and menstrual flow.

How to use:

  • Remove the wrapper from the VWash WOW Sanitary Napkin
  • Sit comfortably and gently pull your panties down
  • Press the VWash WOW essential sanitary pad, adhesive side down onto the center region of your panties
  • Be sure that the pad is placed on panties in a way that it covers the complete opening of your vagina
  • Press the wings around the panties
  • Wear the panties as usual

8-layer Protection of VWash WOW Sanitary Napkins:

  •  V Wash WOW Sanitary Napkin has both Side wings to prevent leakage
  •  Wide Surface of 100% natural cotton for an instant dry and feel comfort
  •  Negative ion strip eliminates the odor and relieves menstrual discomfort
  •  Biodegradable polymer gel that absorbs moisture effectively keeping the pad dry
  •  Breathable bottom layer allowing air to circulate, eliminates wetness & heat.

Key Features:

  •  Breathable bottom layer allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture, heat and keeps you  completely refreshed all day long
  •  Antibacterial anion strip helps prevent bacterial increment and eliminates odor
  •  Both side wings prevent leakage and provide extra protection
  •  Comes in various sizes to meet your specific needs
  •  VWash WOW essential sanitary napkin Wings are designed to grip the sanitary pad in place.
  •  Say goodbye to infection, skin rashes and itches with the use of good quality sanitary pads
  •  VWash essential sanitary napkins have good absorbance capacity

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