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Vivanion Sanitary Pads 8s

Vivanion Sanitary Pads 8s

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Vivanion Sanitary Pads pack of 8 Pcs and one self test card

Vivanion sanitary napkins are hygienic antibacterial sanitary napkins that have an embedded herbal chip and anion strip. Anion strip prevents bacterial infection, skin infection and reduces foul odor making your menstrual period days pleasant. Women have a complete protection and more secure against leakage and infections. In this pack, you get day pads as well as night pads suitable for heavy flow absorption. Switch to Herbal Vivanion sanitary napkins today! Buy vivanion pads online in India with assured privacy and discreet packaging.

Vivanion sanitary napkins 8 Pcs pack includes:

  • 4 Night Pads - 280 mm - For heavy flow
  • 4 Day Pads-240 mm - For normal flow
  • 1 Self Test Card

Day use pads: For Normal flow, effective incontinence protection. Maximum absorption capacity is 80-100 ml
Night use pads: For superior overnight protection. Maximum absorption capacity is 100-150 ml

How Vivanion sanitary pads works?

Anion (negative ions) present in the strip moves up the womb through the vagina, improving blood flow. It helps in easing the blood clots in the vagina and repairing the womb. It helps to reduce inflammation and no odor.

Vivanion sanitary napkin features:

Human health benefits: Anion powered strip enhances detoxification, cell vitality and blood circulation during menstrual time, immunity against any bacterial infection and bio-enzymes in the vagina.

Absorbency: Vivanion biodegradable pads absorption capacity is 3 to 5 times more than the ordinary sanitary pads in the market making.

Safety and comfort: Food grade outer packing and 360 degree inner packaging make it hygienic and safe to use. The multiple layers effectively reduce moisture and wetness between the napkin and skin.

9 Layers of Vivanion napkins:

Layer1: Leak protection layer - Prevents leakage
Layer2: Special soft cotton layer - It doesn't irritate the skin and quickly absorbs.
Layer3: Anion strip - It used to kill bacteria
Layer4 & 7: Sterilized air lead paper - Biodegradable
Layer5: Medicinal herbs - Relieve menstrual cramps
Layer6: Super absorbent polymer - Absorbs 3 to 5 times more than the ordinary napkins
Layer8: Breathable base - Air permeable base lets the skin breathe
Layer9: Individual paper wrap with glue - Food grade glue

Benefits of using Vivanion napkins:

  • It is a natural source of Anti-fungus.
  • Improve metabolism & strengthen immunity
  • Used as a skin tonic and skin conditioner.
  • Enhance hormonal balance and reduce stress.
  • Treats the skin for rashes, itchiness and ringworm.
  • Treats bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antibacterial and stimulant properties.

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