The Ultimate Guide to Lasting Longer in Bed

The Ultimate Guide to Lasting Longer in Bed

“I’m okay with him lasting for less than a minute in bed” – said no women ever!

It’s not always good to be quick at everything, especially when it comes to your bedroom pleasures! 

We all know that premature ejaculation (PE) has been the wrath of terror for men across the world. This inefficiency of lasting longer in bed may spoil your sexual encounters and can also take a major toll on your confidence. 

But it’s time that you look past these hurdles and put an end to this problem once and for all!

Welcome to Shycart’s blog and today we are going to show you the exact methods that’ll help you in staying longer in bed. The methods that we are going to discuss today have proven to be effective and should help you unleash your true potential in bed. 

Proven methods for delaying ejaculation

But before getting into the details, just a small disclaimer: This article is going to be LONG! 

Yes, because we are going to cover all the aspects of long lasting techniques and methods in a pure detailed manner. So, you can bookmark this page in case you couldn’t read it entirely in the first attempt. 

Without much further ado, let’s jump right into the important aspects of lasting longer in bed!

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1. Why lasting longer is so important for men?

- Interesting facts about climax for men

- What exactly is early ejaculation?

- Can this affect your normal life? 

2. Avoiding early ejaculation and lasting longer in bed

- Would changing sex positions help?

- Reducing performance anxiety

- Exercises to delay ejaculation

- Climax delay condoms – Quick relief from PE 

- Thick condoms – Do they work?

- Spray your way to long lasting pleasures

3. Can your partner help you in lasting longer?

- How better communication can turn things around

- Relaxation during sex

- How to engage in better foreplay

- Should you let her take the charge?

4. Major lifestyle changes that delay climax

- Adapting to healthy food habits

- Making a few lifestyle changes

5. Video – Detoxify for a better sex life!

Today we are going to share EVERYTHING about lasting longer!


Why is lasting longer so important for men?

Why is lasting longer important for men

Everyone else talks about how to last longer in bed, throwing endless lists of tips and trick on you that probably never works! But you might wonder why there is so much fuss around lasting longer in bed. So, let us explain why it is so important to last long!

Before that, check out some interesting facts about early ejaculation that’ll surprise you for sure.


Interesting facts about early ejaculation for men

• The average ejaculation time for Indian men is around 1-3 minutes.

• Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual complaint.

Young men can also have premature ejaculation

• It’s more psychological than physical

• PE can occur during masturbation as well.

Interesting facts about early ejaculation for men


What exactly is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation has been a topic of discussion and utmost importance when it comes to sexual problems. But, how is it even relevant to you?

The answer is SIMPLE! If you are unable to last in bed for more than 5 minutes, then chances are that you suffer from premature ejaculation. Isn’t that scary, huh?

But you shouldn’t worry as most of the men face issues related to PE at some point in their life which means that you’re not ALONE! And it is completely fine if you find it difficult to control ejaculation.

What is early ejacualtion?

We will all about climax delay methods later in this article!

But, is this condition just limited within the premises of your bedroom? Or can it cause a much larger impact? Let’s analyze!


Can Premature Ejaculation affect your normal life?

The sad part is that it actually can affect your normal life. Just imagine the feeling of disappointment each time you make love with your partner! This can bring down your confidence and make it harder to find pleasures in the short span of lovemaking.

Can premature ejaculation affect your normal life?

But it doesn’t matter anymore as, throughout this article, we are going to discuss the best and effective ways that you can implement in your sex life right away!

So, are you ready to get started? Great! Just look at the next section that tells all about long lasting techniques, tips and methods.


How to avoid early ejaculation and last longer in bed?

To get started, you should know that it might require a lot of efforts from your side in order to achieve quicker results.

We NEVER said that it’s going to be easy!

But the results are going to be amazing for sure. So, let’s dive into the best and proven techniques that’ll help you be the best in bed.


Trying out different sex positions!

Trying different sex positions for climax delay

This should be not so surprising! Changing positions during sex can do turns out to be helpful in climax delay. 

There are a few positions that you can actually try out to get immediate results! 

‘Women on Top’ position

Women on top position

This position is quite self-introductory as it requires your partner to be on the top.

For doing this one, you have to lie on your back in a relaxed position. Let your partner be on top of you and slowly ease onto your penis. Let her rock back and forth against you while making out. 

Wondering how this works? We’ll tell you how!

When your partner is on the top, the penetration is deeper and becomes shallower. To put this into simpler words, your sexual movements become less intense thereby reducing the excess sensitivity.

The incredible ‘Sitting’ position

Sitting position

This is a modified version of the previous one. 

In the sitting position, you need to sit with your legs crossed. Again, ask your partner to be one the top and slowly lower her onto your lap. Wrap her legs around your waist and let her rock back and forth by leaning forward. It is recommended to go at a slower pace at first.

This position, just like the previous one, allows slow movement and deeper penetration with reduced intensity. This helps you in having long lasting pleasures!

Spooning position

Spooning position

This one is a bit different!

The spooning position requires you both lay down sideways facing the same direction. Remember to keep your pelvis at a lower position. Now ask your partner to slightly bend forward and glide your penis into her genitalia. 

The best thing about this position is that it allows slower movements and increased pleasures. And also you’ll be able to last for a longer time than usual! 

In the midst of all these actions, don’t forget to use lubes as well for smoother penetrations. 

Now, these positions should definitely help you to have pleasures for a longer duration but that’s not all folks!

There are too many things that you need to keep mind so that you never have to suffer the fate of early ejaculation ever again. 

Next, we are going to tell you what actually stops you from having long lasting pleasures.


Reducing performance ANXIETY…

No matter how many new positions you try out, if you have performance anxiety then it won’t work for you. So, what exactly is performance anxiety? 

Performance anxiety is when you doubt your ability to perform well during sexual intercourse. Think of it in this way, you being anxious during sex can actually lead to early ejaculation!

This is not good for you at all! So, what can be done?

Reducing performance anxiety

Stay POSITIVE! You need to be as much relaxed as you can and trust yourself that you’ll perform well. Even if you have early ejaculations persistently, try to stay calm as getting yourself agitated can reflect badly on your sex life.

Talk with your partner about this and take it easy on yourself. In addition, you can try a few exercises that’ll help you to have good control over your ejaculation period.


Exercises that can help you control Ejaculation:

Exercises that can help you control ejaculation

From a list of thousands of exercises, we’ve listed down 3 simple yet effective ones that you can practice right NOW!

1. The classic Start-Stop-Start

This kegel exercise is one of the best-proven techniques and probably the easiest one as well. It requires you to exercise your pelvic floor muscle to have better control over ejaculation.

Start-Stop-Start method

To get started, you have to locate your pelvic floor muscle first! In case you have no clue of what it is, then pay attention to this: It is the muscle that you would otherwise use to stop urine. Once you’ve located the muscle, try contracting it for a few seconds. 

Beware: Do not overstrain your pelvic floor muscle. Just perform the exercise slowly and steadily contracting your muscles for about 45 seconds. The best part about this exercise is that you can perform it anywhere and anytime! 

If you have any doubts regarding this exercise, make sure to drop a comment below. If not, then let’s move on to the next one!

2. Squeezing the head (slightly!)

This one is equally easy and doable for almost everyone! This exercise could be done either while having sex or while masturbating as well. 

Whenever you feel like you are near the climax, gently squeeze the head of your genitalia. That’s it! 

Squeezing the head

Is this even effective? To everyone’s surprise, yes it is! When you squeeze the head of the penis, the blood supply temporarily cuts off thereby reducing sensitivity. So, thereafter it takes a while for your genitalia to regain back its sensitivity. 

Doing it more often during sex will let you have a more pleasurable time. Also, practice this while masturbating to train yourself better for your sensual encounters.   

3. Squats

Start this one right away! Squats don’t need any introduction as they have been a regular part of almost every fitness routine. They might seem a bit challenging at first, but after a few rounds, you’ll get used to it. 


1. To perform a squat, stand with your legs slightly apart. 

2. Now bend down slowly and go down as far as you can. 

3. Now that you’re sitting back with your hips, try to slowly get back to the starting position. 

4. Try repeating it for a few times.

When you perform squats, the blood flow to the pelvic region increases and strengthen your pelvic muscles. This gives you better control over ejaculation. Moreover, a strength exercise like squats also boosts your testosterone levels!

With these amazing exercises, you can have incredible control over ejaculations!

Okay! The methods discussed so far will surely give good results in the long run. But, can there be a way around to get immediate results without much effort? Surely, there is!


Climax delay condoms – A Quick relief from early ejaculation

If you have never tried climax delay condoms before, then you should definitely buy condoms of this sort to see the magic! 

Climax delay condoms

Climax delay condoms are usually laced with anaesthetics such as Benzocaine and Lidocaine. These anaesthetics slightly numb the male genitalia which reduces excess sensitivity.

Now, it’s quite natural for you to be worried about using these extra time condoms. But, we can assure you that they are completely safe. The constituents of climax delay condoms have been approved by experts worldwide. 

Let’s see what these condoms actually do!

Firstly, you need to make sure that you wear a climax delay condom properly. These condoms have the benzocaine content in the form of a gel that is present on the inner side of the condom. So, wearing it inside out would expose the benzocaine gel out in the open where it won’t serve its purpose for sure.

Once you’ve put on the condom, the gel starts to spread across the head of your genitalia. This happens slowly and generates a slight numbing effect. Now, since you have lesser sensitivity in your genitalia, the duration of your sexual performance increases exponentially!

Isn’t that amazing? Sure it is!

But the thing with climax delay condoms is that they are not a permanent solution (as mentioned earlier). You can use them for immediate results of long lasting pleasures and that too whenever you wish. Just make sure that you do not rely on them completely as it can affect your natural way of enjoying sex.

Speaking of condoms, there is yet another way of delaying ejaculation using condoms. But, chances are that you might not like this one!


Are thick condoms worth it?

Thick condoms do their part in reducing sensations and overall pleasure. They are widely available, affordable and pretty much effective as well. But the question remains: Are they worth a try?

Thick condoms

Thick condoms are around 0.1-0.4 mm thicker than normal ones. This thicker constituency gives you good protection as well as reduced sensations.

Although thick condoms are well regarded when it comes to delaying climax, you might want to skip them!

Why? Because they don’t feel natural! Thick condoms can thus be a major turn down for your partner. This reason is good enough for you to avoid them. But which condoms should you use them?

As mentioned earlier, you should go with climax delay condoms! If you hate the idea of using a condom at all, then you should definitely check out the next section!


The magic potion - Long Last Sprays!

And no! We’re not talking about those fabled sprays that attract women. Rather, we bring to you this amazing bottled-packed spray that will make you last longer than ever!

So, what are Long Last sprays?  These are Lidocaine-based delay sprays which are sprayed over the male genital prior to having sex. It slightly desensitized the penis thereby helping you to control your ejaculations.

Long Last sprays

They provide a natural feel to your partner and makes sexual pleasures more enjoyable. Let’s see how to correctly use a climax delay spray.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are fully erect. After that, apply around 3-4 sprays of the climax delay spray. And that’s pretty much it!

Note: You should use this spray 10 minutes prior to intercourse.

This spray significantly increases your ability to control ejaculation and also complements your stamina to perform better during sex. In addition to this, it increases the odds of mutual climax (yeah!).

Having said that, it is necessary to understand that climax delay condoms and sprays provide temporary results against early ejaculation. If you need a more permanent solution, you should practice the different sex positions and exercises mentioned so far.

But are these the only way? Definitely not! There is still more to come…


Can your partner help you in lasting longer?

Sex is mutual! Your partner plays a major role in how your sexual experiences are going to be. But what’s surprising is that women can actually help men in lasting longer in bed. 


How better communication can turn things around

It’s been often said that real love has no words to express itself. But that’s not the case with intimacy! Communication between couples plays a vital role in defining your sexual experience.

How better communication can turn things around

Being open and honest with your partner about early ejaculation would be beneficial if you’re in a long term relationship. Regular talks with your partner about sexual health would definitely solve the majority of your problems.

Also, if you’re a partner is well aware of your situation, there won’t be any unrealistic expectations to satisfy. 

Having small talks during sex can boost your confidence and eventually improve your performance in bed. This way, you’d be paying attention to mutual pleasures rather than worries about sexual performance.


Relaxation during sex – it’s necessary!

Sex is all about high exhilarating action, right? 


You might imagine lovemaking to be full of rocking and grinding between couples. But the truth, it should be rather slow and easy!

If you really wish to last longer in bed, then you should definitely start by staying relaxed and calm during those thrilling pleasures.  Also, you need to consider one important aspect – taking rests on regular intervals during lovemaking!

Stopping for a while every now and then would help you in having an ample amount of control over ejaculation. Whenever you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, stop for a while! You can always fill this interval with a little bit of foreplay and resume after a while. This leads us to an important aspect of lovemaking – Foreplay!


How to engage in better foreplay

Foreplay is your key to long lasting pleasures! Well-Planned foreplay provides you with some quality intimate moments with your partner. Indulging in foreplay would ensure great arousals for you both without having to worry about early ejaculation.

But if you think kissing and caressing are the only ways of engaging in foreplay, then you’re in for a SURPRISE!

Just like a delicious food recipe, foreplay needs to have a few ingredients to make it special. Some of those elements are:

o Blindfolds: Your partner won’t get to see much but would be amazed by just feeling those pleasurable sensations that you’ll be giving her.

o Feather teaser: How good are you at teasing? Soft feather works great to tingle lustful pleasures. 

o Naughty Board games: Who said board games are just for kids? An adult board game where all your naughty desires will come true!

o Scented candles: Turn off the lights and indulge into a romantic night filled with the goodness of perfumed candles. 

o Massage: A mild massage can make the usual experiences more interesting.

How to engage in better foreplay?


Should you let her take the charge?

Like we mentioned earlier: Sex is mutual! Since it requires both of your efforts equally, why not give her the charge? This would turn out to be very helpful for you.

Let her initiate the sexual play. This alone can be an overwhelming experience for you! Also, we’ve discussed sex position before where your partner gets to be on the top. This can be a great change and a much-needed variation for your bedroom pleasures.

The sex positions that involve women taking charge has shown to help delay early ejaculation. This happens due to the fact that your penis is less likely to stimulate excessively when penetrations are deeper and slower. This results in better sexual pleasures and that too for a longer duration!

So, would it be a nice idea for your lady to take charge? Definitely YES!

Now, let’s have a look at some exciting lifestyle habits that will make you the king of your bedroom pleasures!


Major lifestyle changes that delay climax:

Lifestyle always has a major impact on your sex life! The food you eat, the drinks you consume and the activities that you perform – all of these affect your sexual performance one way or the other.

If you have incorporated an unhealthier lifestyle for long, perhaps it’s time to make a CHANGE!


Adapting to healthy food habits

Adapting to healthy food habits

Food is a lot more than just a fuel to the body. 

Consuming the right kind of food would increase your sexual energy and performance. Having an improper diet is one of the major reasons behind early ejaculation and sexual problems.

o Focus on a balanced diet: A balanced diet is always necessary to increase your body’s ability to perform better. You should avoid excess caffeine and sugar as they are known to reduce durability during sex. A diet enriched with Zinc, Calcium and Iron should be sufficient in helping you to control ejaculations.

o More leafy vegetables: A lot of people hate vegetables! But you shouldn’t for sure as a green vegetable helps in having better arousals and erection. Now is the time to GO GREEN!

o Ginger: No matter how it tastes, ginger increases the blood circulation which specifically improves the flow of blood to your genitalia. This helps you in having better control over ejaculations. Also, it enables you to retain erections for a longer duration.

o Honey: It’s a known fact that honey can increase your overall strength and enhance your performance in bed. Consuming honey more often will help you in achieving quicker results.

o Garlic: This one won’t taste good! But believe it or not, garlic is one of the best remedies that’ll help you last longer. It has aphrodisiac properties that can increase the duration of sexual intercourse with any signs of premature ejaculation. 

o Green onion: This might come as a surprise to you but seeds of green onion are known to effectively reduce premature ejaculation in men. It can also boost your stamina and strengthening of your reproductive organ.


Making a few lifestyle changes

Finally, to last longer in bed, you need to make sure that you a healthier lifestyle. Since you already know about the food habits that’ll make you a champ in bed, it’s now time to look at some other aspects of a healthier lifestyle!

o Exercising regularly: This is the first thing that you should be doing if you want to last longer in bed. In addition to the exercises that we’ve mentioned in the article, you should try doing some basic exercises every day to stay fit and increase your endurance and strength. The more you train your pelvic muscles, the better results you’ll get in controlling ejaculation.

Making a few lifestyle changes

o No smoking: We all have heard over and over that smoking causes cancer! But before leading cancer, smoking actually affects your sexual health. It is one of the major causes of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and could also lead to infertility. So, stay safe and quit it right away! 

o Avoiding alcohol: Just like smoking, alcohol induces a change in your hormonal levels thereby leading to early climax. Excess of alcohol causes weakening of your penile muscles and increase the chances of premature ejaculation. Alcohol may be a mood booster for sex but in the end, it turns out to be a performance buster!

o Staying stress-free: Stress is a complex blend of emotion that can hurt your sexual performance. Whenever you’re under stress, your body produces excess adrenaline while keeping your penile muscles flaccid. This affects your erection as well as leads to excessive sensations that cause early ejaculation. So, avoid taking the stress and try to stay calm and composed!

Congratulations, you’ve made it till the end of this article! 

Now that you know the exact things you need to do to delay ejaculation, let’s have a look at the video which demonstrates how “Detoxifying” can help you in having a better sex life:




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