Ejaculation - 3 simple techniques to delay

Ejaculation - 3 simple techniques to delay

How does ejaculation happen?

Ejaculation is the release of semen from a male body. When a man attains the highest point of sexual excitement,
ejaculation happens.

When sexual stimulation happens,

1. The penis nerves intimates the brain through certain signals to the spinal cord.

2. The required chemical messages are sent back to penis via spinal cord indicating the release of semen.

In the process,

1. The tubes which transport sperms to and fro from the testes, will start to squeeze the semen to the urethra.

2. The urethra senses the fluid and indicates spinal cord, which furthers send potential information to muscles to
contract very frequently every 0.8 seconds. This expels the semen out.

What is the normal ejaculation time?

It is important to understand how ejaculation time should be measured. It should be measured from the time the vaginal
penetration happens and not from the moment you start making love. After starting on the vaginal penetration, the
average and healthy time for ejaculation is 2-7 minutes. However, it varies vastly from person to person. The case of
premature ejaculation can be sensed when the ejaculation happens between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. But, there are
various other factors which contribute to it including cultures, climate and mood.

How to control the early release of sperms?

There are several ways to control the early release of sperms

1. A natural and ancient way of delaying ejaculation would be to hold the centre of the penis with the thumb and the
index finger tightly for some time when you sense that you are about to ejaculate soon. This will relax the nerves a
little and will help to delay the ejaculation.

2. Try sex positions wherein the woman stays on top of the male. The missionary position is known for the very early ejaculation
of sperms. When the man lies on the bottom and the woman stays on top, the ejaculation gets naturally delayed
a bit.

3. The final and quick solution is to buy spray for premature ejaculation that contains chemicals like benzocaine and Lidocaine which help to make the skin little inert which will induce some numbness to the penis for some amount of time. It will help to delay the ejaculation as well.

Are sprays/ gels effective?

Anything in moderation is good. Do not get addicted to it or don't make sure you always need it. When you use these gels/ sprays once in a while, there is literally no harm in it. Please don't over do it since you might need it psychologically all the times. It prolongs the ejaculation maximum by 15 minutes. The prolong time also depends on the volume of the gel sprayed on the penis.

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Modified on 17 Sep, 2019

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