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Sweaty balls - how can you avoid it?

Sweaty balls - how can you avoid it?


Most men had faced swamp crotch that emanates an odour, chafing and stickage from your groin. It is also referred as sweaty ball and this problem makes you feel awkward and especially if you move more with more intimacy with your partner. It mainly occurs in men for those who spend working more hours like driving, construction, sales reps, etc., during hot summer season. Testicular odour is naturally developed from bacteria and sweat. To overcome this, Fresh balls helps to prevent perspiration and helps to Feel fresh always down there.


Fresh balls - A magical lotion


Fresh balls are mainly designed to protect from sweat and it keep's man scrotum fresh and dry. A fresh ball is a testosterone-friendly lotion as it doesn’t contain chemicals like parabens. It is a perfect solution to sweaty balls and when man's stone sticks to the side of their leg due to excessive sweating. It goes on like a lotion and then dries immediately into powder. It doesn't leave no residue like messy powders does.



Root causes of sweaty balls


Anxiety:  Stress, nervousness, jitters makes the way to sweaty balls.


Tight outfits: wearing tight jeans and wet underwear leads to sweating.


Hyperhidrosis: This peculiar disease makes excessive sweating even when weather is cool. It is mainly caused by certain drugs, Low blood sugar, leukaemia, and heart attacks and hyperthyroid.


Overweight and overwork:

By doing over work in hotter places and excessive fats around the groin region leads to Sweaty balls.




It does not give any side effects like testicular cancer as it doesn’t get formulated with parabens and aluminium. It is clinically tested and brings a nice feel when you apply on it. This lotion has masculine scent and absolutely no mess like powder does.


 Tricks to avoid it


Don't wear tight fitting pants and underwear. Make sure to use mild detergent in washing underwear and rinse it properly. Remove your hair down the scrotum region and take shower at least couple of times every day.

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Modified on 25 Jul, 2019

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