Go girl vs pee buddy

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Go girl vs pee buddy

Go Girl – Stand and Pee

Go Girl is a female pee gadget (some of the time called a FUD) that permits you to urinate while holding up. It's flawless. It's prudent. It's hygienic. Simply hold it against your body, shaping a seal. Point and, well, pee. Really straightforward, huh? It fits effortlessly in your handbag, pocket, or glove compartment. What's more, it’s extraordinary for ordinary - not any more hunching over or attempting to conceal an unsanitary open can. While the idea may be different to you, Only this product is made with adaptable, medicinal evaluation silicone. Clean and reuse as you like. Our licensed sprinkle watchman disposes of messing and spilling. When you rehearse a period or two, utilizing this is going to feel like second nature.

Benefit of using Go Girl:

It is famously known as Female Urinating Device. This is a gadget which permits ladies to urinate while standing. It has dependably been bad dream for the women to sit and utilize people in general toilets . Go Girl is the answer for this. Enchantment of ladies peeing like men is possible through this. It is the most easiest arrangement you can get the opportunity to stand and pee for a ladies in wherever without dreading the germ. This is Silicon based reusable product. It is made of a protected sprinkle free material. Best of all, it is so little to fit in your handbag!

How to use ? 

Use your fingers to hold it like a funnel near your body and away from your feet. Hold it like holding a glass by its rim! As simple as that! You can urinate into it and into the closet without squatting or sitting on the seat! To be more comfortable in using it outside or in public toilets, please try it at your own bathroom! 



Pee Buddy is a progressive item for ladies who hate to utilize filthy toilets while going for work or relaxation or for those ladies who have joint agonies or in the seasons of pregnancy.

A progressive item for ladies who disdain messy toilets when going for work/Leisure (Restaurants, Night Clubs, Malls, Cinema Halls, Friends House, Travel, Concert, Pregnancy and so forth.) or those with medicinal condition (Joint Pains/Pregnancy and so on.).

"PeeBuddy's as a matter of first importance concern is cleanliness. No more UTI's, No more grimy toilets. Presently with PeeBuddy ¬ a basic USE & THROW item, ladies can STAND & PEE in every hostile latrine

Made from coated paper (waterproof).

Effective for urinating in public / dirty toilets

For single use only, throw after use.

How to use Pee Buddy?

Usage instructions for Pee Buddy is same as Go Girl as there is no difference in the way the product is to be used. 

Comparision of Go Girl and Pee Buddy:

Go Girl is reusable you can use it as many times as possible.

Pee Buddy is a use and throw device- one time use peeing funnel.


It is made of silicone.

It is made of paper.


It is an American product.

It is a native Indian product.


It is expensive when compared to Pee Buddy but it is an one time investement.

It is cheaper when compared to Go Girl but it is not reusable.


Cleaning it is a process which involves a bit of effort.

There is no cleaning process.

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Modified on 30 Jul, 2019

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