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Use Supersoft Ultra comfort pads when you are very busy and the periods should not stop you from that.

Supersoft ultra XL pad

Feel comfortable, fresh and dry on your periods with SUPERSOFT ULTRA XL PADS. Buy Supersoft comfortable cotton sanitary pads online at best price in India. 100% privacy delivery. Checkout Specifications, features, reviews, and ratings.

When you are very busy in your work at that time to save you from the heavy flow and light flow menstruation days, use Supersoft Ultra comfort XL cotton sanitary pads and feel comfort, fresh and dry. So buy and use supersoft ultra comfort cotton sanitary pads with wings of XL when you are running in your busy work and your menstruation should not stop it. The Ultra comfort XL pads are designed to provide the long protection with its firm wing design which prevents leakage during your movement. Don’t stop your work activity because of periods, as you continue it freshly and comfortably with the Supersoft ultra comfort XL cotton sanitary pads. Each pack has 7 ultra XL cotton sanitary pads for your heavy flow and light flow. Total 35 SUPERSOFT Ultra XL cotton sanitary pads in 5 pack.

Supersoft Ultra Comfort Sanitary Pads with Wings XL are specially designed with a firm wing for better leakage protection and increased absorbance to fastly absorb and prevent backflow so that your skin feels dry. Supersoft Ultra Comfort XL cotton Sanitary Pads are available with a very soft top sheet that helps prevent rashes and itches for women with sensitive skin. SUPERSOFT ULTRA comfort XL cotton sanitary pads are available with wings that provide better grip to the cotton sanitary pads and avoids slipping around. Supersoft Ultra Comfort Sanitary Pads with Wings XL are designed to give comfort, dry and leakage protection throughout the day. These cotton sanitary pads are specially designed for heavy flow and a light flow of your menstruation fluid.

SUPERSOFT Ultra XL pads are designed to fit your heavy flow and light flow menstruation, shape, and give the extra feeling of security. Changing pads and disposal are very easy and simple method. Many women get Supersoft ultra XL cotton sanitary pad for her heavy flow and light flow. You might know how often cotton sanitary pads must be changed. It depends on how much periods blood you have, but it's better to change comfortable XL cotton sanitary pads at least every 4 or 6 hours even if you do not have menstruation flow much. Commonly, if your bleeding is heavy, you should change cotton sanitary pads more often because they may get saturated more fastly. SUPERSOFT ULTRA XL cotton sanitary Pads give maximum 4-6 hours (minimum 3-4 hours) absorption. Wearing Supersoft Ultra XL cotton pads on your busy work makes you fresh, dry and comfortable.

How to use Supersoft ultra XL cotton pad?

  • Cleanly wash the hands
  • Remove the SUPERSOFT ultra XL cotton sanitary pad from the wrapper
  • Place the pads on your panties and place the wings around the panties
  • Wear the panties as usual

Supersoft brand is the best in India

Safety menstruation protection with Supersoft cotton sanitary pads. On periods days, it's not possible to go to an entire office, a school without changing cotton sanitary pads. No matter how heavy your bleeding is, or even if there is slow bleeding, bacteria can build up. Supersoft pads are better for heavy flow and light flow menstruation. Changing your Supersoft ultra XL cotton sanitary pad every 2 or 4 hours (more if your menstruation is heavy) is good hygiene and helps prevent bad odours. Menstrual blood is contaminated and wearing a damp pad for long hours can lead to infections such as skin rashes, health infection and vaginal infection. Ideally, you should change your SUPERSOFT Ultra cotton sanitary pad every 4-6 hours but if you have a heavy bleeding, then you may need to change it more often. Enjoy your day at the pool, function, dance with Supersoft Ultra XL cotton sanitary pad.


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Super Soft make me comfortable.
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Supersoft is change my periods think
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