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SUPERSOFT MAXI XL pad - pack of 5

SUPERSOFT MAXI XL pad - pack of 5

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Get comfortable with the Supersoft Maxi Secure Sanitary Pads for better night without leakage. This pack comes in pack of 5


SUPERSOFT MAXI XL Sanitary pads, also known as sanitary napkins or menstrual pads, were one of the earliest forms of feminine hygiene product and are still most commonly used today. Offered in various sizes and absorbance levels, comfortable sanitary maxi Xl pads are often preferred by women on heavy-flow days or when they might be spotting. Most of the women prefer Supersoft Maxi XL pad for extra protection.

On the days when you go through heavy flows and you have to go to work and those stressful periods days, waiting at the bus stop and travelling can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. To evade all of your periods fear, leakage problem and to make you most comfortable, SUPERSOFT comes with a Maxi Fit XL Wings Sanitary Pad. The sanitary Maxi Fit XL Wings Sanitary Pad comes with 7 pads in 1 pack and is made of a cotton material to keep you hygienic. Also, the long size and wider back will save you from those leakages, stains and keeps you dry all day.

Also giving you that soft and comfortable touch, this XL Wings Sanitary Pad is perfect for heavy flow bleeding. This comfortable Maxi XL Wings Sanitary Pad easily absorbs your flow and locks in the moisture. Additionally, this Supersoft Maxi XL Sanitary Pad comes with an easy wrap and can be disposed of after use. The wings in this Sanitary Pad will keep your pad in place and will keep you extremely comfortable during your busy hours. This SUPERSOFT MAXI XL Sanitary pad is a must-have for every woman and is a great way to keep your mind and body as fresh and comfortable as ever.

SUPERSOFT MAXI XL pad is a Waterproof pad and has a leak-proof lining that helps absorb menstrual fluid. You can wear a sanitary pad before and after swimming as well.

Features of Supersoft MAXI Comfort Sanitary Pads with Wings XL:

size of the supersoft sanitary pad is large enough to use and gives more leakage protection

  • Easily fits your body and makes you feel secured on your periods
  • Supersoft Maxi Xl Wings is designed to grip the sanitary pad in place
  • Say goodbye to infection, skin rashes and itches with the use of SUPERSOFT MAXI XL Pads
  • SUPERSOFT Maxi comfortable sanitary pads have good absorbance capacity compared with normal pads

SUPERSOFT Maxi XL pads are designed to fit your shape and give the extra feeling of security many women get from using a SUPERSOFT comfortable sanitary pad. SUPERSOFT brand gives various size adaptable sanitary pads, Whether you prefer a soft sanitary pad with wings or without wings, thick pads (Supersoft Maxi thick pads) or thin pads (Supersoft Ultra Thin pads), or a day or overnight protection, there are many options of sanitary pads to choose from to fit your body and flow. SUPERSOFT MAXI XL pads are super thick, highly moisture absorbent, and are with you for great protection against leaks.

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