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Products needed for your pregnancy

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Products needed for your pregnancy

The beautiful part about being pregnant is that it gives tons of happiness to every woman as well as their better-half in the world. No words to say how much a woman gets excited and more than that she starts to think about naming the baby, buying clothes, nutritional food etc. It is not much easy as men think to give childbirth after some 38 or 42 weeks. Many women had Experienced pains such as back, leg at the advanced months. We at Shycart have a line of products that will suit the varied needs of pregnancy days.

Pregnancy Tea

Tea-for-two, a herbal-based delicious tea specifically designed to strengthen your womb throughout the pregnancy. It is made of pure organic ingredients, caffeine-free and with delightful tangy flavour. Plus it helps to manage pregnancy complications, convenient, motivates during labour and childbirth and at last to relieve the morning sickness. It does not give any side effects as it is being made of herbs. It can be frozen into ice pops or "lozenges" to alleviate severe nausea and prevent dehydration.

Pregnancy Panties

One of the most common problems that women had faced during the second half of pregnancy is that back pain. To avoid and relieve from the complication, Pregnancy panties, made of Lycra featured with 100% cotton is particularly contemplated to women who had the discomfort of pains and aches at the time of advanced months in puberty. It is featured in an external supplement to support your abdomen. Plus it is good for side sleeping.

Disposable panties

Disposable panties, is like a usual innerwear, is an impeccable use to avoid getting bloody strained from your best undergarments during the times of Postpartum. It can be also used during the time of travel and on the menstrual days. Your maternity towel will be kept inside this innerwear and gives you more comfortable to wear and provides a nice feel to your waist.

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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