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How preseed fertility friendly lubricant helps in conceiving?

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How preseed fertility friendly lubricant helps in conceiving?

Salient Features of Pre seed fertility friendly lubricant

Clinically shown to be fertility-friendly for couples trying to conceive

  • Developed by a female doctor
  • Mimics your body’s natural fertile fluids
  • Glycerin-free
  • Will not limit or harm sperm like leading lubes
  • Recommended by fertility experts
  • Used in fertility clinics

Reviews of some of the Pre seed customers

Nothing else worked

I was recommended this from a friend after failing to concieve for 2 years. I'm beyond thrilled to say I got a positive pregnancy test yesterday after the first month using preseed. I had actually given up hope that it would ever happen, and preseed changed that. I can not speak highly enough about this product. 

Worked at the very first try

My wife and I had tried unsuccessfully for a few months. We tried pre-seed after reading that other lubricants can actually inhibit sperm from reaching the egg. It felt great for both of us And We conceived the first try with pre-seed. Coincidence? Maybe. But it worked and we're getting ready to have our first child!  

It worked for us! :)

My husband and I tried and tried and tried for a year to become pregnant (special sex positions, healthy eatting, and everything else you can imagin to do to help conceive with no luck what so ever) well one day when on the internet I stumbled across pre-seed lube. I read review after review on it and almost 100% of them when success stories so I figured well it couldn't hurt to try one more thing (I mean, common, we where already trying everything from the craziest stuff on the internet to monitoring my cycle) I used it for one month and literally the next month got a big fat positive pregnancy test. I honestly feel pre-seed had everything to do with me getting pregnant. I'm now 35 weeks pregnant with a baby boy!! :D I couldn't be happier thank you pre-seed!!!! Also, after far as when I used it and how much. I would use 2-3g per use and used it starting a week after my period every time we had sex until my next period was due (but never came!!!)


Title: The origin of Pre-Seed!

1) Was Pre-Seed developed by a doctor?

The National Institute of Health was funding a research program about healthy sperm. A woman physiologist who was a part of the research program invented Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant. You can also buy lubes of this sort online in India. The research team designed the patented formula of Pre-seed to relieve dryness with the help of lubrication which should not harm the sperm. Following the research the published studies confirmed that Pre-Seed's formula is Fertility friendly, making it the first-ever lubricant allowed to state that it is safe for use by couples who are trying to conceive (TTC).

Pre-seed is made in America and it is the most trusted lubricant by TTC couples since 2002!

Title: Safety of Pre-seed for conceiving.

Why is Pre-Seed a safe lubricant for use when trying to conceive (TTC)?

Pre-Seed was developed with the prime purpose to match a woman’s fertile fluids and to provide safe lubrication when trying to conceive a baby.

  • It is clinically proven to be a fertility-friendly lubricant
  • Allows healthy sperm to move freely
  • Isotonic and pH balanced to mimic fertile fluids
  • Developed by a female doctor
  • Recommended by fertility experts and used in fertility clinics
  • Published clinical studies show Pre-Seed doesn't harm sperm
  • Published clinical studies show Pre-Seed has less potential to irritate sensitive vaginal and cervical tissues than other leading lubricants
  • Pre-Seed is covered by numerous US and International Patents

Can we use Pre-Seed if we are allergic to other lubricants?

In general, many women are able to use Pre-Seed even when other lubricants have caused irritation. This is often because other lubricants do not have the same salt (ion) concentration as your body fluids. For example, body fluids are at about 270 mOsm/kg, but other lubricants are as high as 3,500 mOsm/kg, so you can see VERY high. It is basically like getting salt water in your eyes!

Still, a very, very low percentage of women do have some irritation after use of Pre-Seed. The rate is about 1/2 of 1%, based on our records. Such irritation can be due to pregnancy or hormonal changes, or an allergic reaction. Please note, if irritation occurs for you while using Pre-Seed, stop using the product. If the irritation persists, please contact your doctor.

Title: Applying Pre-seed, Application procedure of Pre-seed.

Why Pre-Seed Lubricant has to be applied inside the vagina?

Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant comes with applicators to provide moisture inside where it can coat the vagina, enhancing the comfort of intimacy and supplementing natural fertile fluids. The woman's body naturally provides secretions throughout the vaginal canal. Pre-Seed is most effective as a lubricant when it's isotonic formula is deposited inside near the cervix. Pre-Seed Lubricant can also be applied externally.

Title: Amount of Pre-seed to be used or applied.

How much amount of Pre-Seed should I use?

The amount of Pre-Seed to use will vary depending on the desired lubrication.

If you used Pre-Seed and it felt too slippery or there wasn’t enough sensation (friction) when using it—try one or more of the following adjustments:

  1. Apply less Pre-Seed Lubricant. Try just using 1 gm at first, and work up to the right amount for you.
  2. Wipe off extra Pre-Seed after applying. After applying Pre-Seed inside with the applicator, wipe off any lubricant on your outside parts by using a tissue.
  3. Apply your Pre-Seed Lubricant earlier. You can apply Pre-Seed up to an hour before love-making.
  4. Try just using Pre-Seed externally. We suggest you apply lubricant the size of a quarter.
  5. If things are too slippery during the middle of love-making, take a break and wipe both of you off by hand or with the sheet. This should make things just right when you start up again.

If you used Pre-Seed and it wasn’t slippery enough, it dried out too quickly, or it had a rubbery or tacky sensation, your tissues may be a bit low in moisture, and you may need to use more Pre-Seed. Pre-Seed’s isotonic moisture is readily absorbed because it mimics natural fluids. To provide adequate lubrication, you will need to apply enough Pre-Seed to saturate the tissues. Here are some suggestions for this situation:

  1. Try using the intravaginal applicators to apply Pre-Seed inside. Your body makes natural fluids throughout the vaginal canal, not just at the opening of the vulva. Applying lubricant inside mimics your own fertile fluids and maximizes Pre-Seed’s effectiveness as a lubricant. Many women have never used an applicator for a lubricant, so it may seem different.
  2. If you are just using Pre-Seed externally, apply an amount similar to the size of a quarter by hand to the areas you want to be lubricated. If these areas seem to rapidly absorb Pre-Seed, repeat the application (with the same amount). Once the tissues are hydrated, the second dose of Pre-seed can stay on the surface and provide longer-lasting lubrication.
  3. If you are using the applicator and things aren’t slippery enough, try filling the applicator with 4 gms before inserting and apply Pre-Seed while lying down in bed, right before intimacy.

Pre-seed is better than other lubricants.

Pre-Seed versus other lubricants?

Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant is the first lube approved to be safe for use when trying to get pregnant. Pre-Seed is better than other leading lubricants for trying to conceive (TTC) because it is pH and isotonic balanced to mimic fertile cervical fluids. Unlike most other leading lubricants, Pre-Seed is free of glycerin or glycol so that sperm are able to swim freely. Pre-Seed also provides antioxidant support for sperm on their journey.

Besides being "fertility-friendly", Pre-Seed Lubricant has been reported in clinical studies to be as slippery and smooth as, if not better than, leading lubricants. Pre-Seed's isotonic formula has also been shown to be less irritating than leading lubricants.

You can be confident that you are using the right sperm-friendly lubricant when you are using Pre-Seed to help get pregnant. Only Pre-Seed has multiple clinical studies which show it is safe for use when trying to conceive.

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