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Playgard Strawberry Flavoured and Super Dotted Condoms pack of 10's

Playgard Strawberry Flavoured and Super Dotted Condoms pack of 10's

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Playgard Strawberry Flavoured & Super Dotted Condoms pack of 10's. Enjoy the excitement of 50% extra dots and the sweetness of chocolate with Playgard Chocolate flavour Super Dotted condoms.

Playgard super dotted strawberry flavored condoms – Product information:

Material Non-Allergic natural rubber latex
Flavour Strawberry
Texture Dotted
Type Super Dotted Condom
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Colour  Red
Lubrication Lubricated
Condom Length  180 mm (standard)
Condom Width 53 ±2 mm 
Condom Price Rs.80
Quantity 10 Condoms

Flavoured condom

Playgard condoms are strawberry flavoured condoms. Strawberry flavour is the most savoured flavour in India. The richness and essence of strawberry are well blended in this pack of strawberry flavoured condoms. Flavoured condoms are the best choice when it comes to oral sex. The oral pleasures are enhanced by the use of flavoured condoms. The usual condoms have the smell and taste of latex that can be unpleasant at times. Therefore, to overcome this, flavoured condoms are used to lighten up your foreplay pleasures with the tantalizing flavour of strawberry.

Super dotted condoms

Super dotted condoms have 50% bigger dots when compared to the usual dotted condom. The increased number of dots thereby increases the stimulation in the intimate regions. Dotted textured condoms come in handy when you need more sensations down there for pleasurable orgasms. The extra dots are raised above the surface of the condom and are placed strategically to trigger sensations. This can increase your sexual arousals and give you immense pleasure.

Well lubricated

The Playgard condoms are effectively lubricated to provide smooth and easy gliding of the male genitalia. Lack of lubrication can cause genital discomfort and could possibly reduce your sex drive. Genital dryness has been a major cause for uneasiness during intercourse. It is, therefore, essential to have proper lubrication during intercourse. It makes your sexual experience more playful rather than painful. Effective lubrication can thus be beneficial and intriguing to use and can make your experiences overwhelming.

Protection form STI’s

Condoms are effective and affordable means of contraception. They act as a barrier and protects against various sexually transmitted diseases. STI’s including syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia can be transmitted through oral sex. Therefore it is necessary to have protection while having oral pleasures with your partner. Flavoured condoms are a great way to stay protected without having to deal with the unpleasant odour and taste of latex. It makes your sexual experiences more enticing without compromising with the preventive measures.

Playgard strawberry condom features:

  • Dotted texture
  • 50% bigger dots for more pleasure
  • Strawberry flavoured condom
  • Effectively Lubricated
  • Non-allergic latex
  • Pleasurable fit

You can buy Playgard super dotted condom from your nearest store. Also, you can buy condoms online to have them delivered right at your doorsteps. Purchase the Playgard strawberry super dotted condoms from online condom store.  You can now be ensured of privacy in all your purchases as we assure discretion in the packing and delivery of the product.

Playgard strawberry condom price in India

Playgard super dotted strawberry condom price is Rs.80/- for a pack of 10 condoms and Rs.25/- for a pack of 3 super dotted condoms.

50% bigger dots for more pleasure

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Playgard Strawberry Flavoured and Super Dotted Condoms pack of 10's - Reviews

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Very Good Service, I am very happy.
Simply Wow! -
Amazing condoms! Definitely worth a try
Highly Satisfied -
Highly satisfied with the delivery and customer care.
Good job Shykart -
Highly satisfied with the delivery and customer care.
Good experience -
Highly satisfied with the delivery and customer care.

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