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Playgard Paan Flavoured - Dotted Condoms - 3's x 3

Playgard Paan Flavoured - Dotted Condoms - 3's x 3

Price: 75
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Up for embellishing your eroticism with something new? Purchase the new Paan Flavoured Condoms from Playgard. Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms are the peculiar flavoured condoms that have been launched recently. Buy these new Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms online at shycart where your privacy is our priority.

Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms

Who doesn't love Paan? From childhood to till date, we all love to eat Paan. And Paan is something that adds flavour to the Indian cuisine or food as it is eaten after an everyday meal. So Playgard has aligned themselves with this idea and unveiled the Paan Flavoured condom that is meant for those mesmerized by the Paan flavour. Playgard Paan Flavoured condoms are meant for the Indian couple who always wants to try something new in bed and to have a flavourful and pleasurable sex with Paan flavour that they can reminisce and cherish. Playgard Paan Flavoured is fabricated in a delicately pleasing way that its contour is Dotted. Playgard Paan Flavoured and Dotted condom will accord your ladylove an unprecedented sexual pleasure making her one who calling the shots and pulling the strings in bed. Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms are for those adventurous couples who thoroughly wants to have euphoric lovemaking from the beginning to the end. Paan flavour makes your lovemaking session all the more intensifying and adventurous. Buy Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms online at shycart with assured privacy and packagings.

A good foreplay session with Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms can skyrocket the sexual stimulation levels of both the partners that they can only be fulfilled with an exploding climax. As mentioned priorly, Playgard Paan Flavoured condom has a soft and protruding dots that can please her to enjoy uplifted fluttering pleasure and experience an invigorating orgasm. When you equip yourself with the premium quality Playgard Paan Flavoured and dotted condom and go inside her, the pleasure factor will multiply unimaginably.

Playgard Paan Flavoured and Dotted Condoms – Product Info

Material Non-Allergic natural rubber latex
Flavour Paan
Texture Dotted
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Colour  Transparent
Lubrication Lubricated
Condom Length  180 mm (standard)
Condom Width 53 ±2 mm 
Condom Price Rs.75
Quantity 9 Condoms

Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms Reviews

We encountered a huge response for Playgard Paan Flavoured Condoms and here are its reviews from our customers. Totally we confronted a purchase from more than 150 and almost every customer rated the Playgard Paan Flavoured Condom with 5 stars and with some positive comments about the product. One of our customers commented, “Nice smell and Flavour. Privacy maintained. Overall good....awesome!” Another customer typed “A real paan flavour. Really enjoyed. Best Online site”. For more exciting products, please visit

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Playgard Paan Flavoured - Dotted Condoms - 3's x 3 - Reviews

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Excellent -
Best Flavour! Thank you for delivering it so quick
Best online site -
Try to reduce the amount for free shipping. Try to send it with other courier than bluedart. Its worse
Good stuff -
Try to reduce the amount for free shipping. Try to send it with other courier than bluedart. Its worse
Does the work -
Thank you
Love it -
Thank you

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