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NottyBoy Super Slim Condom 2 X 10s

NottyBoy Super Slim Condom 2 X 10s

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NottyBoy Kinky winhy Super Slim Condom

Nottyboy Kinkywinky - Super slim Condoms

  • Texture: Super Thin
  • Lubrication: Yes
  • Material: Natural Rubber Latex
  • Disposable Bags: Included, 10
  • Size : Length 180mm (min) | Width 53 ± 2mm

Get the pleasures of super thin condoms with the Nottyboy KinkyWinky Super slim condoms! This combo pack comes with 10 unvaried extra thin condoms to intensify your sexual experiences and gives you the extra edge in the gameplay of intimacy.

Extra thin condoms

Nottyboy Kinkywinky offers you super slim condoms than intensifies your sexual intimacy. With its extra thin condom, the Nottyboy condoms are undoubtedly one of the best thin condoms available in India. Super thin condom allows you to have more sensation while still being safe to use. With proper usage, these thin condoms can be a great addition to your sexual pleasures. The biggest disadvantage with the normal condoms is that they have thick layers that prevent excess sensations between the genitals. Using extra thin condoms would ensure that you have more stimulation. You no longer have to feel the barrier between you and your partner as a thin condom gives you a natural feel. 

Effective lubrication

This pack of Nottyboy condoms consists of well-lubricated condoms. Lubrication is an important aspect of safe sex practices. Insufficient lubrication can make your sexual experience painful and unpleasant. Lack of lubrication can cause discomfort and irritation of the genitalia. It could lead to soreness, bruises and irritation of the intimate region and affect the tissues of the intimate skin. Lubricated condoms tackle this issue and provide a safer means for intercourse. Also, lubrication ensures a smoother gliding of genital making penetrations more comfortable and pleasurable. Using the lubricated condoms ensures that your lovemaking is always playful rather than painful.


 The best part of thin condoms is its user-friendly nature. They are easy to use and are made of Natural rubber latex. Extra thin condoms are should be taken out safely from the pack and placed over the tip of the genitalia. Now all you have to do is roll it over the shaft of the genital and it is now ready to use. These thin condoms provide you with a comfortable fit that allows you to focus more on your pleasurable moments of joy rather than concerns related to the right fit of the condom. The pack of Nottyboy condoms comes with disposal pouches for safe and proper disposal of thin condoms after use.

Protection against STD’s

Unprotected sex can lead to unwanted pregnancies and transmission of STD’s. Condoms are the best means of protection against harmful STI’s. They act as a barrier and protect you against these harmful diseases. Extra thin condoms give you the required protection without compromising on the stimulation aspect as its thin layer ensures effective stimulation between the genitals that triggers pleasurable sensations. 

NottyBoy Super Slim Condom Features:-

  • Super slim condoms
  • Effectively lubricated
  • Non-allergic latex
  • Comfortable fit

This combo pack of super thin condoms are available at an affordable price here at Shycart – your one-stop portal to buy condoms online! Feel the intensity rising and reach new heights of pleasure with the Nottyboy Kinkywinky super slim condoms. Now you can have this combo pack right at your doorstep with privacy protection as Shycart assures you with discretion in the packing and delivery of products.


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