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Moods ultra thin premium condom 12s x 4

Moods ultra thin premium condom 12s x 4

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Moods ultra thin condoms

These extra thin condoms or super thin condoms is one of the best super thin condoms available in the market as of now. These ultra-thin condoms literally are so thin, that you really do not feel the presence of wearing a condom at all. These super thin condoms are specially crafted by moods to ensure a delightful experience during lovemaking. As the name suggests, these ultra-thin condoms guarantee ultra satisfaction for both the partners

Moods ultra thin condoms were specifically designed with an intention that people really feel the discomfort while using a condom during sex. But these super thin condoms are so thin, that one can barely notice the condom. It also allows people to explore more intimacy, and also at the same time, not be worried about pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. Though these condoms are extra thin, each condom offers the exact same level of protection a normal condom has to offer. These extra thin condoms are not transparent, but pink in colour. This pink colour was specifically chosen because customers will be able to clearly differentiate them from the regular condoms. 

Moods Ultra-thin Condom - Product Information

Description Straight walled, ultra-thin condom
Material Natural rubber latex
Type Ultra-thin Condoms
Color Transparent
Flavour None
Lubricated Yes
Shape Straight Walled
Ultra thin length 180 mm (Standard Size)
Nominal width 53 ± 2 mm
Tested against breakage Yes, 5 times electronically tested.
Condom Pack Size Pack of 48 Condoms
Ultra Thin Condom Price Rs.400
Usage For single use only.

About Moods

Moods condom is one of the quality products from the house of HLL Lifecare Limited, a Government of India Undertaking. During their initial years of business, HLL Lifecare limited was only manufacturing condoms for the National Family Planning Program. Once this became a really successful business option, they decided to cater to the needs of the premium and upper middle class population belonging to the cities. In India, they are one of the largest manufacturers of condoms. Moods condoms currently offer about 20 different types of condoms, like Ultra-thin, flavoured, dotted, scented, glow in the dark, extra long, skin thin, and Absolute Xtasy.

Moods ultra thin sizes

Moods ultra thin or feel thin condoms are available in all standard sizes which are suitable for everybody. Regarding its specifications, the length of this ultra thin condom is 180 mm and its width is 53 + 2 mm. One can buy these extra thin condoms in a pack of 4 to experience the true no condom feel.

What is the Cost of Moods ultra thin in India

The cost of moods ultra thin condoms is Rs. 100 for 12 pieces. It roughly translates to Rs 9 for a single extra thin condom. However. These super thin condoms are also available in a premium pack of 4, totally 48 pieces for Rs. 400.

Where to purchase moods ultra thin condoms?

Condoms are widely available to be purchased from all the pharmacy shops across India. However, it seems socially unacceptable for anyone to freely purchase these kinds of products in front of everyone. Even the shopkeeper, though he sells these condoms, is not very comfortable in showing all the various types available. To avoid all these embarrassment and awkwardness, you can easily purchase these moods ultra thin condoms with 100 % privacy from shycart online webstore. You can also visit shycart’s physical store which is located in Adyar, Chennai to buy these products.

Reviews of Moods ultra thin condoms

Many of the customers who bought these products have rated it 5 stars and have also left positive feedback about these super thin condoms. Some of them are “Very thin and good experience”, “satisfied” and “Give it a try, You will not regret”. To read more such comments and reviews, visit the product page on shycart of moods ultra thin condoms.

Moods Ultrathin Condom - Infographic

Moods ultra thin condoms in Inida

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Moods ultra thin premium condom 12s x 4 - Reviews

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Super service! -
The services are very good. Especially I was feeling embarrassed to by the product in physical store. Here with simple steps I got the required product.
Fine -
Best online site -
Absolutely satisfied with your service.
5 stars -
Absolutely satisfied with your service.

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