Moods dotted condoms - dotted with dots

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Moods dotted condoms - dotted with dots

Moods dotted condoms - Incredible sex

It has specially moulded dots on the outside with uniquely positioned ribs that gives extra intense feeling and sexual pleasure for couples. The textured design helps you to arouse her erogenous section and make her swing with bliss. It is lubricated with green color reservoir tip. It enhances the stimulation on the highly sensitive area of woman and raises her sexual pleasure.

Difference between dotted condoms and normal condoms

Normal condoms are only used for protection, perhaps it affords both high protection and pleasure. Moods dotted condoms are designed specifically in order to increase the pleasure and add it gives massage inside the female genital. It is already lubricated to avoid friction, while some Normal condoms are not lubricated.

Best way for contraception

Condom is one of the best effective contraception methods and it is mostly made from latex and polyurethane. Using a condom is no more a coup. You can buy condoms online in India. It is one of the best ways for people who are sexually active and it gives protection from sexually transmitted diseases. A condom comes with different types of varieties in the form of shapes, styles and textures. Moods premium dotted condom and Moods Silver 1500 dotted condoms are widely used and often rated as the best dotted condom in India by our customers. It is of high-quality standard and allows greater sensation for couples.


It is not good in practice to have sex with condoms in the pool because of the chemical used in it leads to damage the material and add there is a chance of slippery and might result in developing Pregnancy.

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Modified on 26 Jun, 2020

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