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Massage oils - what are they?

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Massage oils - what are they?

The power of touch

The history of massage dates back to centuries. It is nothing but rubbing, squeezing and pressing of the body muscles and joints with hands to relieve physical pain and mental stress. This process has its own medical benefits and keeps you fresh and emotionally balanced all day. A massage at regular periodic intervals certainly finds out a new "you". 
Massaging with bare hands may cause friction and irritation. Hence to lubricate the act, massage oils are used. Now the massage oils have come a long way from simple lubricant to a rejuvenating, fragrant and an erotic one. This lubricant comes in a variety of flavours and textures. Before buying one, the properties like the viscosity of the liquid, the ease of spreading, its absorption, nourishment, moisturizing effect, cost and above all, what it does to you, must be analyzed.

JO: ALL-IN-ONE Massage Glide Lavender

  • Blend of pure essential oils for a body-friendly perfect massage.
  • Lavender flavour accelerates the aroma and acts as an anti-depressant and has sedative and seductive effects.
  • Can be used as a personal lubricant during the intimate situation.
  • Non-sticky and easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect hence no need to apply frequently.
  • Refreshes the skin and leaves it soft and silky.
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic and made of highest grade silicone.
  • 1 drop of this glide is equivalent to 10 - 15 drops of other product.
  • Specially formulated for a better sexual experience. 

LOVE POTION Erotic Massage Oil

  • This erotic massage oil adds more love to your love life.
  • 100% natural and consists of powerful plant extracts.
  • Sparks up your senses and awakens the love maker in you.
  • Smells gentle and acts mildly on the skin.
  • Completely free from latex, petroleum or any artificial ingredients.
  • Ideal for foreplay and for intimate intercourse.
  • The ingredient organic stevia gives a mild sweet taste for an added oral pleasure.

HOT: Massage Oil Sweet Oriental

  • Safe and smooth on the skin with nature's precious extracts.
  • Perfect for erotic massages with an added exotic aroma.
  • No artificial colours and free from paraffin oil.
  • Spreads easily and nourishes your body.
  • An unforgettable and inviting massage that strengthens your love life is guaranteed.
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JO: ALL-IN-ONE Massage Oil Strawberry

  • Non-Sticky massage oil with a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
  • Rejuvenates the skin with all the goodness of strawberry.
  • Acts as a skin cleanser, toner and has anti-ageing properties.
  • Relieves you from acne and stress.
  • Can be used as a personal lubricant for more desirable lovemaking.
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic and made of higher degree pharmaceutical silicone.
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JO: ALL-IN-ONE Massage Glide Cranberry

  • Made of pure essential oils and contains higher grade pharmaceutical silicone.
  • Perfect for massaging acts as a moisturizer and leaves your skin silky smooth.
  • In an intimate situation, when you buy lubes online it can be used as a personal lubricant to enhance the sexual experience.
  • The cranberry oil tightens the skin, rich in vitamin E, and has essential fatty acids.
  • 100% latex safe and compatible with non-silicone toys.
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JO: ALL-IN-ONE Massage Glide Cucumber

  • Multi-purpose massage glide perfect for massaging, moisturizing and replenishing the skin.
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-sticky and gives long-lasting wetness.
  • 1 drop of this glide is equivalent to 10 - 15 drops of other product.
  • It serves as a lubricant in a sexual act for a truly pleasant encounter.
  • Cucumber oil gifts a glowing and a toxin-free body. 
  • Soft and smooth on the skin and helps the regeneration of healthy skin cells.
  • Spreads easily and can be absorbed well by the surface of the skin.
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Joy Division: Warm-up Cherry Massage Oil

  • Distinctly formulated for the partners to stay warm longer, with a private massage.
  • Premium quality product with more stimulating fragrance.
  • The special Warmup effect is felt immediately and enjoyed throughout.
  • Clinically tested and approved by dermatologists
  • With the goodness of cherry, the skin glows and feels soft.
  • The small quantity of the oil is enough for a quality massage.
  • Made in Germany and successfully cleared all quality controls.
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