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YO sperm Motility test kit - 97% accurate results in 5 minutes

YO sperm Motility test kit - 97% accurate results in 5 minutes

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YO Sperm Motility Test Kit

What is YO Sperm Test Kit?

The YO Home Sperm Test kit (YO) is an FDA cleared advanced home checking sperm test kit which is to be used with the Yo free smartphone app which helps is showing the live video of your sperm movement and the measurement of your MOTILE SPERM CONCENTRATION (MSC) which will indicate the average count of the moving sperm cells in 1 ml of your sperm sample.

Yo sperm kit is accurate, easy to use and available at affordable cost to check the sperm count at home instead of visiting the testing lab. Say goodbye to shyness & waiting for the sperm count check in the clinical labs which are really a big embarrassment for men with the “YO Sperm Test kit

How easy is the Yo sperm test kit to use?

The YO app guides are fast and easy to use as you process the self-testing kit with the simple instruction which takes less than 30 minutes and the results show the live video of your sperm movement.

What’s included in the YO Sperm Test Kit?

  • 1 reusable YO CLIP which will be attached to your smartphone and makes your camera to turn into a mini microscope
  • 2 PIPETTES which will help to transfer your sperm samples to the YO slide
  • 2 VIALS OF LIQUEFACTION POWDER to add to your sperm sample
  • 2 YO SLIDES for testing your sample in the YO clip
  • Detailed INSTRUCTIONS leaflet

How to use the Yo sperm test kit?


All the Yo test kit pack contains 2 times YO tests processing items which are to be used with your smartphone for testing the Mobile sperm movement count.


Collect your sperm sample in the collection cup given in the kit as per the instructions are given in the instruction leaflet. No lubricants to be used or no partners to be involved in the sperm collection process.


Take and pour one vial of the red powder into your sample and let it ‘rest’ for 10 minutes.


Just take and place the YO clip on your smartphone.


Using the pipette given in the YO kit, transfer a drop of your sample onto the red dot on the YO slide.


Now Insert the YO slide into the YO clip and press “start testing”.

Step: 7

Then do not press or touch the smartphone until the test is analyzed and completed.


Then read the result displayed in the smartphone to know the MOTILE SPERM CONCENTRATION (MSC)

Will my sperm sample touch my phone?

Your sperm sample does not touch your phone. The YO slide is called a FIXED COVERSLIP slide and that means that your sample goes under a plastic slide cover. The YO slide is then inserted into the YO clip which is above your phone. The YO kit also supplies sanitation wipes to use after the test to make sure your phone is completely clean.

Whether any sperm sample touches the phone and what’s the cleanliness of my mobile due to his sperm test. Your smartphone stays clean same as before the test process started as no sperm samples touch the smartphone as sperm sample is placed on the Yo slide which is inserted into the YO clip. It never ever touches your smartphone and your perfect smartphone stays the same squeaky clean.

What is the accuracy of Yo sperm test kit?

Yo sperm test kit is 97% accurate as its FDA-cleared and extensively tested by experts. The YO kit was created by industry leaders who had 20 years of experience in automated semen analysis.

How is YO sperm test kit different from other home sperm tests?

YO kit is the only smartphone-based, FDA- cleared home sperm which gives MOTILE SPERM CONCENTRATION (MSC) and shows you a live video of your sperm movement. Other home tests report sperm concentration (the number of sperm), but your sperm may be all dead or without movement and you may still get a “normal” result. When you use the YO sperm kit, you test and see the sperm swimming which are the ones having high chance to reach an egg.

How accurate is Yo sperm-check fertility test kit?

YO sperm check is > 97% accurate as per the company statement. Inaccuracies are generally occurred due to not following the step by step instructions given such as not filling the slide on the red dot etc.

Is Yo sperm test kit is approved by any organization?

Yes, YO sperm kit is FDA approved and CE (Europe) cleared.

This product is not eligible for replacement in case of any functionality issues.  The concerned issue will be directed to the respective seller company and their decision is final. Also, it is the complete responsibility of customer to send product to our registered office, in case of any verification required by the seller.


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