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What is KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack

What is KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack

There will never be a single type of condom from all the varieties of condoms available, which would suit everyone. Kamasutra honeymoon package contains 9 types of condoms. It will lead you to understand the fact that, we all happen to be very different from each other in terms of mentally and physiologically, which would make your tastes and senses unique. So, it means that a condom – say dotted condom, which will give your partner the ultimate pleasure, will not give you any satisfaction at all.

So, you should try lots of different types of condoms available - ribbed condoms, dotted condoms or condoms with both textures ie dotted and ribbed condoms to enhance your sexual pleasure and find your perfect condom. But with so many different types of condoms available out there in the market, you can't possibly check out all the varieties of condoms, to buy condoms online and experiment. That is why you need to buy condoms combo. Or perhaps, you can try out the combos chosen by the best condoms brand in India - the KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack that has the best condoms for honeymoon.

KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise Gift Pack:

KamaSutra Honeymoon gift pack is the best combo of many varieties of condoms which will suit the requirement of the couple who are ‘honeymooning’ or the couples who would like to experiment various types of condoms and its pleasure. The word Honey refers to your sweetheart and the word Moon signifies fantasies, meaning that, this KamaSutra Honeymoon pack is a real treasure for lovers to explore their fantasies, with its intensely passionate assortment of condoms from various types of condoms like dotted condoms and extra time condoms to various flavours of condom, with disposable bags accounting for all the condoms, for an easy disposal and with accessories for fun and an unforgettable night.

Fallen in love with KamaSutra Honeymoon pack already? Go ahead buy Kamasutra Honeymoon surprise pack online and enjoy your honeymoon.

KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack

KamaSutra honeymoon kit items :

Honeymoon gift pack items

To make the ‘first night’ pleasurable and exciting, and to take the other nights to be at par with the first night, a KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack consists of various pleasurable things, which will make the nights ooze with seduction.

So, what are the condoms inside a KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack?



















Different types of condoms:

You can buy condoms online - all the ones available in the pack, individually in the 12s pack also, from shycart at 100% Privacy.

KamaSutra Dotted condom – 3 quantities

No woman a resist dotted condoms which enhance pleasure multifold with their dotted texture. KamaSutra Dotted condoms with its unique pyramidal dots will be the game-changer, enhancing the pleasure.

KamaSutra Ribbed Condoms – 3 quantities

Condoms with power ribs for heightened pleasure. With its unique power ribs, KamaSutra Ribbed condoms are bound to heighten the excitement between you and your partner!

KamaSutra LongLast Condoms  – 3 quantities

Climax control dotted condoms with a specially formulated lubricant that helps you last longer! Enhance the pleasure with these Extra Time Condoms from KamaSutra Condoms! Some people find the lubricant in the pre-lubricated condoms is not enough. If such is the case, then buy lubes or buy long lasting spray for men from Kamasutra.

KamaSutra SuperThin Condoms – 3 quantities

Extra thin condoms for a more natural sensation. Nothing should come between the two of you - at least that's how it is with Kamasutra Superthin condoms. Just the way it should be!

KamaSutra Intensity Condoms – 3 quantities

With its dual textures (dots & ribs) on a contour shape, imagine pleasure so intense it will consume her with just a touch! For a change, she'll be the one asking for more, with these dotted and ribbed condoms.

Wet n’ Wild Condoms

Double lubricated dotted condoms for better stimulation, for the first time in India. Double the lubrication. Double the fun.

What are the accessories inside a KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack?

It contains a Pleasure Points booklet, a Love Dice, a KS Key Chain, a Feather Teaser, a Satin Blindfold and one Scented Gel candle to ooze the room with the sensuous erotic smell.

How does that sound? You need not have to go on honeymoon again. All you have to do is get yourself a KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack to feel it, which is the best condom to buy in India.

What're the accessories are about?

KS love dice game

KS love dice game is part of this pack which helps to top up the fun in the bed. It suggests positions and activities be done between the couples. 

KS scented gel candle

This candle brings in the romantic lighting and aroma that is required to set up the mood in the room. 

KS satin blindfold

Blindfolds are always included to add up to the fun. Satin induces more shine and sexiness to the room. They offer surprises along with.

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KamaSutra Honeymoon Gift Pack

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Ks Honeymoon pack- Infographic

Check out the infographic about Ks honeymoon pack which details the price and the reviews for the product.

Ks honeymoon package - infographic
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