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Is menstrual cup safe for unmarried

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Yes, a menstrual cup is safe if you are unmarried. As soon as you are comfortable with your body and periods you can start using them. Choosing a menstrual product should depend on your needs rather than your age and virgin status.

Menstrual cups are safe for unmarried women

Menstrual cups can be safely used by unmarried women. You might need a little practice when you are a new user. For young girls, vaginal muscles tend to be tight and the width might be smaller because of which inserting the cup might not be comfortable. But gradually getting used to cups will help you to get comfortable with the insertion and removal process. If you still feel uncomfortable, take a break and try later but don't force yourself.

Also, a major concern for virgins and young girls using menstrual cups is that “Will my vagina stretch from using a menstrual cup”. The answer is no. Your vagina does not stretch or change its size from using a cup. It will go back to its original shape after the cup is removed. However, choosing the right size cup will help you to adapt to the menstrual cup easily. It is recommended to use a smaller size cup for first time users.


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Modified on 31 Jan, 2021

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