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Invigra Feather Touch Condoms pack of 12's x 2

Invigra Feather Touch Condoms pack of 12's x 2

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Bored of regular thick and standard condoms that irks you to the core? We got a solution for you - Enjoy the all-new Invigra Feather Touch Ultrathin Condoms to appreciate the second skin feel. Buy the Invigra Feather touch Ultrathin condoms at shycart.

Invigra Feather Touch Ultrathin Condom

Enthusiasm is the thing that oversees the session of lovemaking in bed with which the physical intimacy will be cherishable about the new levels of joy and incitement. With Invigra Feather Touch Ultrathin Condom, you and your companion would fly high around the orbit of the euphoric zone in your erotic voyage and you lovebirds are left undisturbed.

Invigra Ultrathin condom takes you both to the unexplored regions of the euphoric world and it is a different world by and large. These circumstances can make your dreams and fantasies work like a charm and your dearest will appreciate the titillating stimulation and overwhelming sex, words get themselves hard to narrate your eroticism. For such experience, Invigra has now launched this Feather Touch Ultrathin Condom. Now no one needs to compromise on anything when it comes to lovemaking. Nonetheless, with regards to safety and anti-conception medication, you should consider the Invigra Feather Touch Ultrathin condoms which will make you ponder that you're wearing it?

The all-new Invigra Feather Touch Ultrathin condoms can comfort couples to appreciate an intensely breath-taking make-out session while getting used to 'second-skin' feel penetrating experience. The ultrathin condom can exchange warm created because of to and fro passionate movement inside her that open the door for an exciting experience.

Invigra Feather Touch Ultrathin condoms are for the individuals who are incensed by thick elastic condoms in the middle of them, yet in addition for who needs to ensure that they have a protected sex without being dubious of pregnancy. Invigra Ultrathin condoms can help you doublets appreciate an inebriating sexual experience. Get these Ultrathin condoms at with 100% guaranteed security and totally disguised packagings.

  • Each condom for single use only
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight
  • If you're allergic to rubber products consult a doctor before use
  • For maximum protection follow enclosed instructions

This combo box basically accommodates 2 x 12 Feather Touch Ultrathin condoms in it. Invigra Feather touch condoms when are used properly, reported to be completely effective against the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), HIV(AIDS), although no contraceptives can guarantee 100% effectiveness. Invigra Condoms are also available in other variants. Keep in a cool, dry place away from children and direct sunlight. Don't forget to consult a doctor before use, if you find yourself allergic to latex material. To ensure protection follow the enclosed instructions.

Invigra is a brand dedicated to providing solutions for common sexual problems. They have an immense variety of condoms, high nutrition drinks and spray to enhance your performance and stamina problem for men.




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