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How long do dilators take to work?

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If you are one of those women wondering “Do dilators really work?”, Yes, when used as per the instructions and maintaining consistency and patience. For women experiencing painful penetration, vaginal dilation therapy is by far the most common at-home treatment. Using vaginal dilators consistently will ease pain and discomfort during penetration and improves sexual health. Dilators are used to treat a variety of medical conditions and so the results and the time taken to see effective results might vary among individuals. Initially getting used to vaginal dilator can take some time. Use it 1-2 times per day, each session for up to 20-30 mins or as suggested by your healthcare physician. Most women find ease and less pain while inserting smaller objects like a tampon within 4 weeks. Depending on their condition women progress at different rates and so the results might vary. Buy best dilator online in India from shycart, where you are assured 100% privacy and discreet shopping. Check out best dilators sets from top brands, check out the reviews usage instructions and buy online at best price. 


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Modified on 16 Sep, 2022

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