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Hot: Rhino Long Power cream - 30 ml - Condom Compatible - 15 to 20 minutes intercourse

  • 4 piece(s) sold
  • Brand: HOT

Hot: Rhino Long Power cream - 30 ml - Condom Compatible - 15 to 20 minutes intercourse

  • 4 piece(s) sold
  • Brand: HOT
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The time of delay spray that is mentioned in the product title is an average estimation. The delay time of the ejaculation may vary depending upon the individual body conditions.

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Hot Rhino Long Power man delay cream

Hot Rhino Long Power man delay cream

HOT Rhino cream is the gentlest way to act deliberately and successfully to premature ejaculation. The spray was developed specially for the men based on Chinese herbal additives. In a combination of modern dermatological knowledge with the formulations of the millennia-old Chinese medicine, Rhino develops its strength, preventive effect and effectively prevents premature ejaculation. The Rhino Long cream is formulated using special ingredients and an Ancient Chinese method that keeps one going for a long time. A very valuable addition to you during your most special moments.

This is most suitable for erectile dysfunction which is a condition in men wherein they are not able to hold an erection for long. And as is understood erection is supposed to be the yardstick of manliness and self-esteem.

You need erection creams and spray for the penis especially when

  • The erection is extremely soft and squeezy to touch.
  • The erection does not stay erect for a long time.
  • The penis tends to hang loose even when there is an erection.
  • The erection is not hard enough as expected
  • The erection is hard initially but becomes very soft and goes down in a few minutes.

Benefits Of Using Hot Rhino Long Power Man Delay Cream:

  • Penis erection creams and sprays always provide you with immediately visible results.
  • Helps effectively and efficiently cure erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Increases visibly the girth of the penis for a thick, veiny appearance.
  • It makes erections much harder, stronger and thicker.
  • Gives apparently longer-lasting erections.
  • Enhances the blood circulation in the penis.
  • Keeps penis extremely healthy and strong.
  • Helps improve your sexual performance immensely.

HOT RHINO Long Power Man Delay Cream

  • This is a Premium International Brand HOT Imported from Austria.
  • This is Based on Chinese herbal additives helps men going for a long time. 
  • This is Compatible to use with condoms.
  • Expected average usage is up to 24 times per tube.
  • Genuine product, directly imported by (HOT) licensed Indian distributor (Shycart) with world-class hygienic packaging.


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