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HIV Test Online Booking | HIV Test Online India | Best HIV Test in India | shycart
HIV test

HIV test


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HIV test

HIV Test

HIV tests are used to find the human immune deficiency virus in human blood. A human blood sample has to examine for this HIV test. HIV antibody and antigen test combine for the basic screening test. It’ll find the HIV antigen called p24 plus antibodies to HIV.

HIV test detecting types

There are two types of test for detecting HIV. One is the HIV test which will look for HIV 1&2 antibodies and the other is HIV duo combo test which is also known as p24 antigen & antibody screening test and 4th generation HIV test. The immune system will produce HIV antibodies to fight against the HIV virus when a person is infected with HIV. So HIV test will only find the HIV 1&2 antibodies whereas the HIV Duo Combo test will detect both the p24 antigens and HIV 1&2 antibodies in the blood.

The p24 antigens will appear in the blood within 2 weeks of infection while antibodies will appear between 2-3 weeks after infection. The p24 antigen is nothing but part of the virus. However, the detection of p24 antigen is not dependent on the production of antibodies in the blood. Since the window period for the p24 antigen to appear is very short, this HIV test is done after the 4th week of suspected infection. So the p24 antigen will start to appear in blood around 14-20 days after infection. Therefore, a negative result for this HIV test can clear all your doubts and boost confidence.

When will you get the HIV test result?

This test has to check your immune system so it’ll take a few days or a few weeks (13 to 40 days) to get the HIV result.

1. HIV Negative(NO reactive result)

If HIV tests negative means, you don't need to worry. Because there is no symptoms of the infected virus in your blood if you need more accurate results means after 3 or 4 weeks you can do the HIV test again.

2. HIV positive(Reactive Result)

If HIV positive means you are affected by HIV. There are so many reasons for this. Main the reason is sex with HIV infected persons, sex without condoms and sex with many peoples without preservation methods, sharing needles and by using infected blood donated by HIV persons. After the HIV test result, you have to consult with the doctor and have to do more HIV tests.

3. Repeat the test(Invalid Result)

Repeat the test means there is no infected virus are found and you have to do the test again. Because of the invalid result, it is considered HIV negative.

HIV test cost in India

HIV test cost in India is very affordable at shycart. We offer the best market price for the entire HIV test. The HIV test online cost is Rs.1000.

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How u will collect the blood sample
Asked on 31-Dec-2019
You can visit the test centre and give sample. 100% privacy assured as the test centre staff will not know your identity details except the Psuedo name.
Answered on 03-Jan-2020

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