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What is the HIV test online?

HIV is an acronym for "Human Immunodeficiency Virus" which is acquired by sexual intercourse. This is what causes AIDS - Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome if not treated at first. HIV is not the type of virus that can be cured with medication. HIV is a condition, like diabetes, which a human body can't get rid of. Once HIV is acquired in the body, it exists in the body for lifetime.

HIV test online in India is the test/diagnosis to detect the presence of the HIV virus that causes AIDS. When the person is infected with HIV, it will only replicate and spreads all over the body. HIV can be tested in different ways. HIV antigen test/Viral load test will detect HIV itself. On the other hand, some tests can detect antibodies produced by the body to fight against HIV. If this test detects the presence of antigens or antibody produced by the body, then the person is infected by HIV.

However, the HIV test will never result in the positive at the early stages. The window period for HIV is about four to six weeks. The window period is the time period from the potential exposure to HIV to when the test is accurate. During the window period, the HIV test might result in negative even if the person is affected by the HIV virus.

HIV early signs/Early Symptoms for HIV

A person shouldn't be lackadaisical and rely on the symptoms alone to know whether he/she is affected by HIV. Even if he/she has a little doubt, they should never hesitate to get an HIV Test. These early symptoms for HIV might help to decide whether to get an HIV test or not.

  • Mouth Ulcers
  • General Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Night sweat
  • Muscle aches
  • Rashes
  • Fevers and chills
  • Swollen Lymph nodes

Note: Not all these symptoms will be evident at first.

HIV, at first, predominantly attacks the immune system. To be precise, it will attack the CD4 cells which are the subtypes of the T-cells. T-cells help the body to fight against the infection. If HIV is untreated for several days, it will eventually reduce the number of CD4 cells in the body making the person vulnerable to the infections. A person who is infected with HIV is more likely to get cancers. It is better to cautious about it. Book HIV test online in India at a low price.

HIV Symptoms

  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Rapid Weight loss
  • Continual fevers
  • Severe night sweats
  • Sore spots near mouth, genitals or anus
  • Blotches on or under the skin
  • Pneumonia
  • Memory loss
  • Diarrhoea
  • Prolonged Swelling of Lymph glands - groin, armpits or neck
  • Depression
  • Other Neurological disorders

Types of HIV testing online in India


The PCR RNA is the most recently developed HIV test. When a person is infected with HIV, the HIV virus will attack the RNA instead of DNA. This virus will then insert itself into the cell and then replicate. The PCR RNA test can be done just after 7 days if the person suspects the potential infection. This test will detect the infected RNA instead of detecting the antigens and antibodies. If he/she wants to take this test, nonetheless, the intended person must take the HIV Duo Combo (p24 antigen/antibody screening) test after the 28 days of the suspected infection. PCR RNA test is the best test to detect HIV at a very early stage.

HIV Duo Combo Test

This HIV test is also known as p24 antigen & antibody screening test and 4th generation HIV test. When a person is infected with HIV, the immune system will produce HIV antibodies to fight against the virus. The 4th generation HIV test will detect the presence of HIV antibodies and p24 antigens in the blood. The p24 antigens are actually a part of the virus and few researches confirm that it might appear in the body within 2 weeks of infection. However, the detection of p24 antigen is not dependent on the production of antibodies in the blood which may at least take 2-3 weeks. Since the window period for the p24 antigen to appear is very short, this HIV test is done after the 4th week of suspected infection. This HIV test is the most reliable test because the accuracy rate for this test is 95%. So the p24 antigen will start to appear in blood around 14-20 days after infection. Therefore, a negative result for this HIV test can clear all your doubts and boost confidence.

ELISA test for HIV 1 & 2

ELISA is an acronym for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. The ELISA HIV test is a simple and straightforward test. This HIV test will look for the antibodies produced in response to the antigen. ELISA is also a reliable test and the test can be taken after 4 weeks of suspected infection. And most doctors suggest for the retest after 3 months in order to get 100% accurate results.

What is the HIV test price?

HIV test price online in India at shycart is very affordable. We offer the best market price for all the HIV test online. The HIV test online will cost from Rs.1000.

How does STD testing online work?

Since 100% privacy and accurate results are our priorities, shycart's HIV testing involves few steps as follows

1. First of all, the person who wants to book HIV testing online will have to answer the set of question or chooses the problems and symptoms that he/she is having. These question will help the doctors to determine the best HIV test that has to be taken.

2. We, shycart, will suggest the best HIV test online and the intended person should submit the samples.

3. Then, that person will have to read the terms and conditions before making the payment.

4. Once the payment is made, shycart will recommend you the collection points (Labs) near his/her location. These are NABL certified labs where the samples will be collected.

5. The person, then, chooses the preferred collection point and the time for the sample collection.

6. Shycart will then communicate with a pseudo-name of the person to the collection point and the sample will be collected at the given time of appointment.

7. Then, the person should visit the lab to submit the sample for HIV testing.

8. The Collection point will assign and share the Sample Reference Number (SRN) for the collected sample with us. We will, then, send you the SRN.

9. Shycart communicates with the Accredited Labs to provide the SRN and the HIV Test to be taken with the sample collected at the Collection point.

10. The Accredited Lab collects the sample from the collection point and tests the samples. Once testing is done, the lab will send the report to shycart.

11. Shycart will then send the report to the intended person. The reports will be password protected.

12. Shycart will remove the person's info and data from the database once the report is sent.
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