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Gogirl Reusable Female Urination Device - Made in USA

Gogirl Reusable Female Urination Device - Made in USA

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GoGirl female urination device

GoGirl is popularly known as Female Urinating Device. This is a device which allows women to urinate while standing. Go girl pee product is neat, discreet and hygienic. It has always been a nightmare for the ladies to sit and use public toilets. Go Girl device is the solution for this. Magic of women peeing like men is through this device. Usually, public toilets are infectious and thereby make it difficult for women to sit and urinate. GoGirl is the perfect solution to this problem as it enables women to stand and urinate to prevent infections and diseases.

GoGirl Female Urination Device - Product Information:

Ideal for Women
Brand GoGirl
Material Medical-grade silicone
Colour Pink
Type Reusable female urination device
Price Rs.800/-
Package Contents 1 Unit

Why should it be used?

Gogirl urinary device is the simplest solution you can get to stand and pee for women in any place without fearing the germ. This is a Silicon-based reusable product. GoGirl is made of a patented splash-free material. Best of all, it is so small to fit in your purse! Women can use this reusable female urination device as a travel accessory as it will come in handy for sure. Also, you can easily carry Gogirl device whenever you’re planning to stay outdoors for longer durations.

How to use go girl female urination device?

Use your fingers to hold the Go girl like a funnel near your body and away from your feet. Hold it like holding a glass by its rim. As simple as that! You can urinate into it and into the closet without squatting or sitting on the seat. To be more comfortable in using it outside or in public toilets, please try it at your own bathroom.

Who can use this go girl portable urination device?

From small school girls who are going on excursions, girl scouts going on camp tours, young women travelling outside on office tours, moms on shopping trips, to elderly ladies who are unable to walk every time to use the loo.

Is it reusable urinal funnel?

Yes, Go Girl urinal funnel is a reusable female urination device. We are Go girl and go green! You can clean the go girl and reuse it. Wash and dry it and use it again storing it in the Go Girl tube. You can drop it in a bowl of boiling water and shake it dry and use it as many time as you want!

How to Hold a GoGirl device?


The best way to hold a GoGirl device is by using your thumb and middle finger, stretching from front to back. Because it is flexible, made of medical-grade silicone and works with any body shape. Maintaining a seal on the back-end is key. It's best not to hold GoGirl from side-to-side. Applying too much pressure on the sides can cause it to collapse, which can break the seal in the back.


Try it a few times at home to master your technique so you'll know what to expect and feel more confident when you need Go Girl device on the go. Don't get discouraged if you dribble the first time or two. With a little practice, GoGirl funnel will work perfectly every time.

GoGirl urinary device review

GoGirl has received positive reviews from our customers who found this urinating device to be quite unique and useful. Some of the reviews are mentioned below:
- “Extremely happy”
- “Excellent”
- “Such a nice solution to a problem faced by many women, Loved it!”

Where can I buy go girl urination device in India?

GoGirl urination device products are available online in medical stores. You can buy Gogirl female urination device online in India at an affordable price and assured 100% privacy.

Go Girl urination device price in India

Go Girl urination device price is Rs.800 for a single pack and it can be reuse.

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Gogirl Reusable Female Urination Device - Made in USA - Reviews

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