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Eco-Femme Organic Reusable Day Pad

Eco-Femme Organic Reusable Day Pad

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Day Pads work great for your average flow day. It is Eco Femme’s all time favourite!

Eco femme organic cloth pads work great during your menstrual days. Mentioned below are some of them but not limited to features of Ecofemme reusable Organic day pads.

  • 100% Indian cotton used to make reusable organic period pads- soft skin and rash free
  • Soft flannel cotton top layer- natural color, irritation free
  • The organic reusable cloth pads are made with absorbent cotton flannel layer- absorbs rapidly, dry feel
  • The back layer of reusable organic period pads are made with PUL leakproof cover- leakage protection
  • One nickel-free metal push button- keeps washable cotton menstrual pads in place
  • 24 cm length x 7 cm width- prevents leakage

The eco femme organic cloth pads are made of 100% organic cotton. The top of the reusable organic period pad is made of soft flannel cotton. The insides of the washable cotton menstrual pad are made of ultra-absorbent cotton flannel. The back of the organic reusable cloth pads is made of a breathable PUL leakproof cover. The comfort of cotton makes your skin soft. Also, these eco femme organic cloth pads provide less feeling of wetness, less skin irritation, less smell, and do away with skin rashes. The reusable organic period pads do not contain any chemicals to appear colourful so there are no more worries about skin infections and vaginal infection.

How many eco femme organic cloth pads do you need:

You need a minimum of 4 reusable organic period pads to change, wash and dry. If you feel this is not enough then you keep an average of 6-8 organic reusable cloth pads. A few reasons influence the number of washable cotton menstrual pads that you need.

  • Reason 1 is the intensity of your menstruation flow
  • Reason 2 is the frequency with which you wash your organic reusable cloth pads
  • Reason 3 is the time needed to dry. Use eco femme organic cloth pads provide and feel dry instantly.

Do washable cotton menstrual pads feel wet:

The menstrual fluid does not stay on the top flannel. The liquid gets absorbed into the inner cotton layers within seconds and makes you feel dry. These organic reusable cloth pads absorb fluid up to 5-6 hours.If your body expels fluid clots during your period, you will find these on top of your reusable organic period pads. If your washable cotton menstrual pads start to feel wet it means it’s time to change it with a fresh one. In fact, many women find more comfort with the use of washable cotton menstrual pads against their body as compared to sticky plastic pads.

How to wash eco femme organic cloth pads:

  • Presoak the organic reusable cloth pads for 30 minutes
  • Wash the eco femme organic cloth pads with cold water
  • Use a natural laundry soap to wash the organic reusable cloth pads
  • Preserve the washable cotton menstrual pads till next use
  • Store in a safe place that is away from moisture


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