Earthvedic Men's Intimate wash

Earthvedic Men's Intimate wash

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Keep your most delicate areas clean and protected with daily use of Earthvedic special intimate wash!

Earthvedic Men’s Intimate wash

The best defence against infections is cleanliness. Take a necessary step towards improving your personal hygiene!

Earthvedic Men’s Intimate Wash has natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Neem, paan, Katha and Genda Phool that helps you cleanse your intimate skin. These herbs are rich with natural cooling, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Earthvedic intimate wash maintains ph balance of your intimate areas and helps you get rid of odour caused by it. This natural blend is completely safe for delicate skin. 

Earthvedic Intimate Wash Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera,
  • Neem (Indian Lilac), 
  • Paan (betel),
  • Katha (catechu) and
  • Genda Phool (marigold).

How to apply Intimate wash for men:

1) Crate a soft lather in the palm of your hands with 5-8 ml drops of intimate wash.

2) Cleanse the intimate areas gently with Earthvedic Mens intimate wash and
rinse thoroughly.

3) Use it regularly to keep your genital skin fresh and healthy.

Intimate wash manufactured by Earthvedic and is specially designed for Men. To avoid the basic imbalance of your intimate area, it nourishes the skin and avoids itching and maintains the basic ph level. Earthvedic intimate wash for men keeps your intimate area clean and fresh!

Earthvedic Mens Intimate wash specification:



Pack size

100 ml

pH value



For external use only

Type of packing

Bottle containing liquid 

What is the cost of Men’s Intimate wash?

Price of Earthvedic Mens intimate Wash just Rs. 399! This makes it quite affordable for daily use. You should make it a habit to use intimate wash regularly as it is quite essential for a healthier and fresh intimate skin. If you feel shy to purchase it from nearby stores, then you can buy Earthvedic Intimate Wash for men online to maintain privacy and avail discreet packaging.

How to clean the Intimate area?

Neglecting the hygiene of the delicate region can result in itching and irritation! Therefore, you should make sure that you clean the intimate region from time to time. Washing your intimate area with clean warm water will help maintain the pH level of your intimate area. Use This Earthvedic Men's intimate wash for balancing ph level for your delicate skin.

How to apply?

Apply on your intimate area with your wet hands with 4 to 5 drops of solution. Clean the area with warm water and dry it with the wipe. It will nourish the genital area with freshness and reduce itching. It's natural cooling, antibacterial property balance the ph level of your skin and help you get rid of the odour.

Does Intimate wash remove the odour?

Odour can be caused by issues like ph balance disruptions or overgrowth of bacteria. Due to this, it leads to unpleasant odour and natural odours. With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, this intimate hygiene product for men inhibits the growth of odour-causing germs and maintains a healthy balance of natural pH level.

Is intimate Wash important for Men?

Generally, men do not give much importance in their intimate hygiene. Intimate hygiene is really important as the intimate region accumulates a large amount of sweat that helps in the growth of infection-causing germs. A healthy intimate wash helps you prevents rashes, unpleasant odour and infection. So every man needs intimate wash in their daily routine!

So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of genital discomfort with the all natural Earthvedic Intimate wash for men!

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