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Delay Spray Overview

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Delay spray or Premature ejaculation spray is created to help men stay longer in bed by treating premature ejaculation. They are easily available in medical stores and online portals. Using delay spray is simple and requires minimum effort. Buy delay spray online in India and read the instructions about how to use delay spray and start using the product.

How does a Delay Spray work?

Delay sprays achieve their intended purpose by temporarily numbing the targeted area in a man's penis. This helps him to delay ejaculation and extend intimate moments. The product works effectively only if it is used correctly as per the instructions.

How to use Delay Spray?

There are delay sprays from different brands available in the market. Experiment with different brands and find the best delay spray that works for you. Refer to the instructions before using the product.

1. Apply delay spray as per the instructions

Applying delay sprays might slightly vary depending on the product and brand you choose. In general, most delay sprays are applied the same way. Shake your bottle and spray firmly holding it close to the application area and release the full spray.

2. Wait for the spray to work

Once you apply delay spray at the required area, you need to wait for the products to work and desensitization to take place. The usual wait time for most delays sprays will be 10 to 15 mins.

3. When to spray

It is suggested to apply delay sprays 5 - 10 mins before involving in penetrative sex. Since the product takes some time to work, it is advised to wait till the numbness is felt.

Is Delay Spray good?

Delay spray works safely and effectively for most couples. Using delay spray is one of the remedies to treat premature ejaculation. It is safe when used as per the instructions and does not contain any harmful ingredients. 


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Modified on 23 Feb, 2021

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