Does Cycling affect Fertility in Male?

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Does Cycling affect Fertility in Male?

Cycling is a very popular across the world and it is favored by most people as a form of physical exerices. But there is claim that cycling leads to or affect fertility in male. Surprisingly, very little information and data are available to back the claim that cycling affects male fertility and whether cycling, notably at moderate levels, has any impact on fertility. The number of reports available to bolster this statement is quite low and the results are based on elite level athletes. There is comparatively very little information available pertaining to bicyclists who is also competitive but not at the level of an elite athlete or skilled professional, and there's even less information regarding the cyclist who might only go cycling 2 to 3 times a week. But still, it covers tons and tons of cyclists around the globe. So let's delve into statistical reports to see if cycling really affects male fertility.

Representing the sperm morphological study involving elite athletes, a bunch of two teams from an African country who are considerably long-distance competitive cyclists and 10 inactive or non-cyclist men. The only distinction found between these two teams was that the cyclists surprisingly had a way lower per cent of traditional morphology (appearance of the sperm) in comparison with the non-cyclist men.

Another additional and suitable study of 10 year survey by a Boston fertility centre that involved weekend cyclists accounting up to 2,261 men not only elite athletes but also from all walks of life who contributed more than 4,500 samples of sperm. The Surveyors had correlated most of the sperm parameter with the extent of exercise, sperm morphology (what the sperm look like), sperm motility (the proportion of sperm that were moving), and focusing on sperm density (the number of sperm per millilitre).

This study found that men who have been cycling over 5 hours per week had a lower sperm concentration compared to those who are inactive or those who are doing different types of exercise. It is also additionally found that this correlation of low sperm counts of these men has nothing to do with the age or weight of each individual.

It is quite significant to denote that these variations are found in these sperm parameters and no study until now has clearly stated that this correlation between cyclists and lower sperm parameter like sperm count, sperm density, sperm motility and so on is directly linked to affect the fertility in men. In fact, this kind of studies is quite hard to conduct.

What to do if you are suffering from infertility?

There are several things you could do. One of the main things is to consult a doctor or fertility specialist to figure out a solution. Or you can try male fertility supplements like Fertilaid for men, Sperm Count Boost and Sperm Motility Boost which are regarded as the best fertility products with proven results. Even doctors will prescribe these fertility supplements to overcome infertility in men.

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Modified on 20 May, 2020

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