Reasons for the fertility problems in men

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Reasons for the fertility problems in men

What is Male infertility?

Gone are the days when people thought women were only the root causes for fertility problems. But men also have this problem. Many couples are trying hardly for getting pregnant and about one out of ten couples face these Fertility problems. In fact, both are responsible for it for some reasons. Most probably a man doesn’t have any sign of it and of course ejaculation and love-making will be occurring usually without any difficulties.

What makes male infertility?

Sperm low count is one of the most common factors that falls up into this category. A healthy sperm must have these following conditions such as good sperm count and the sperm should move quickly and reach the egg. Next thing is that semen fluid should be thin so that sperm can move very fast. Ejaculation is another major cause of Male fertility problems. It is a hard time to ejaculate or nothing comes out when you reached climax because your tube inside the reproductive organs has been blocked.

What are the factors that could enhance the risk infertility?

 Smoking: Smoke might obviously affect sperm count and it will reflect in male fertility.


In taking of more alcohol can reduce the testosterone levels and lower the Sperm count production. 

Stress and weight:

Stress is greatly contributing the sperm count and may affect your male fertility problems. Obesity leads to collapse in hormones that reduces the male sperm production. 


Some illegal steroids can shrink your testicles and lower the sperm count as well.

Radiations and Tight Pants:

If you have exposure to radiations with high doses, it can lessen the sperm productivity. Overheating of testicles by wearing tight pants and jeans obviously lead to male fertility problems. 

How to diagnose male infertility?

There are number of options available to know whether you have fertility issues. It is advisable to seek a doctor when your partner is trying to have a baby of one year. You will undergo some tests such as blood test, semen and sperm count. People, who hesitate a bit to take a test in hospital can  try home sperm kit device. It is used to check the sperm count production and proper treatment should be taken if sperm count is the problem of your impotency.

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Modified on 07 May, 2020

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