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Do Pads Shorten Your Periods

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Unlike disposable pads, Cloth Pads can be reused. Based on the cloth pad review taken from a set of women, they believe that by using cloth menstrual pads their periodic cycle is shortened from 7-8 days to 4 days and also they could feel the change in flow. They suggest to buy cloth pads that are comfortable.

There are no reliable scientific studies on the subject, many women and doctors believe in using cloth pads and advise others that cloth pads can shorten your period. The idea is, a product like tampon absorbs the menstrual blood, but they also keep some sort of backup within your vagina. But cloth pads allow blood to leave your body naturally and at a more normal rate. Speaking theoretically, using cloth pads continuously will lead to shorter periods.

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Modified on 17 Apr, 2021

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