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Sperm/fertility friendly lubricants - is that real?

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Sperm/fertility friendly lubricants - is that real?

What does normal lubrications do?

It is exceptionally normal for a lady to encounter discontinuous vaginal dryness. In these cases, lubricants can be utilized to mitigate that indication. Then again, when a few are attempting to imagine a tyke, a vaginal lubricant may not be the best reply. A lot of vaginal lubricants are known as not sperm-friendly and make the vaginal environment aloof for sperm. That being said, there can be events when a lady is at the tallness of her fruitfulness and her vagina is just excessively dry for agreeable sex. Lubricants can hinder sperm from coming to the egg. What happens is the lubricant (either water-based or oil-based) keeps the sperm from getting together with the typically defensive, cheerful cervical mucus. Thus, the sperm is forgotten wide open to the harsh elements to debilitate on account of the cold acridity of the vagina, making it a more troublesome trek up to the inviting warmth of the uterus. Despite everything they have far to go before they meet their match, so you would prefer not to utilize anything that makes their trip more troublesome.

Will a Lubricant Inhibit Conception?

The short response to this inquiry is: Yes, lubricants may really restrain your capacity to get pregnant. Most lubricants used to improve sex will meddle with the pH of the cervical bodily fluid and may, indeed, execute the sperm important to imagine a child. The vagina is an acidic domain that will normally murder sperm in the event that they don't move rapidly through the vagina and into the more nonpartisan cervical bodily fluid. In any event, numerous lubricants will diminish the motility of the sperm so that they can't swim up the vagina and through the cervix to the egg. Buy lubricant online in India is that made by the lady's body – and that it will increase by being patient amid foreplay so that the lady will respond normally.

Sperm Friendly Lubricant:

Although water-based lubricants do not directly kill the sperm, they will tend to decrease the ability of the sperm to move through the vagina. A sperm that cannot move quickly out of the acidic vagina will not be able to make it to the cervix and fallopian tubes. In addition to slowing sperm motility, a water-based lubricant may also interfere with the pH of the cervical mucus. Any lubricant that contains any kind of spermicidal agent should definitely NOT be used when you are trying to conceive.

Other than a woman’s natural fluids produced by her body, there are a few other options that may be sperm-friendly lubricants:

1. Natural Options

For those who do not want to spend the money on over-the-counter lubricants, plain warm water may be just enough lubrication to make sex more enjoyable. Although some people may recommend egg whites or canola oil o mineral oil, there is no evidence to show that these options are safe or that they will not decrease sperm motility. Again, the best option is to let nature work with you. Engage in foreplay and allow the woman’s natural lubrication to build up before sex.

2. Pre-Seed

An option to water-based lubricants is a product called Pre-Seed. This lubricant more closely matches the pH and consistency of the cervical mucus and provides a more natural fluid environment for the sperm. Pre-Seed comes with an applicator that can be used to deposit the lubricant high up in the vagina by the cervix. This lubricant does contain synthetic chemicals and preservatives but studies that show that sperm are not harmed by the Pre-Seed lubricant and conception can occur using this product. It is available on-line or in most drug stores. Again, this product is not as good or convenient as a woman’s own fluids, but it is better than most water-based lubricants.


3. Conceive Plus

Developed and sold by Sasmar, Conceive Plus claims to be safe for sperm motility and sperm survival, thus safe for fertilization. It contains magnesium ions and calcium and imitates the body's own natural fluids. Conceive plus is available as individual applicators or in multi-use tube. This product was said to be formulated by doctors and is perfect for couples wanting to conceive a baby because it enhances sexual activity and increases the likelihood of conception.

So what amount of lube is a lot of in terms of hindering conception?

Difficult to say, on the grounds that even a lil' spot of water-based lube, olive oil, child oil, and even spit can bring about "reduced head development" of the sperm. That is not the sort of sperm you need to be working with to make your posterity. You need solid swimmers with full resources to convey the most to the occasion.What is known for sure is that the natural "human made" kind of lubricant is effective in helping in conception. That means spending lots of time on pleasuring and passion, making sure the clitoris and any other erogenous zone you want touched is hot and ready before penetration. Letting the body respond to the fun will kick in the kind of wetness that can help sperm swim hard and swim long.

On the off chance that things aren't getting as elusive as you'd like, you can have a go at utilizing warm water, which is sperm cordial. Nothing favor — leave the seltzer and mineral water for drinking. Some confirmation is indicating canola oil, pharmaceutical evaluation mineral oil, and hen's uncooked egg white as being sperm agreeable, however more research is required into wellbeing and adequacy of these routines. There is likewise a more up to date item available called Pre-seed and Sasmar Conceive Plus that touts itself just like a “sperm friendly intimate moisturizer”


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Modified on 29 Jun, 2020

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