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Are menstrual cups painful?

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A menstrual cup or period cup is a reusable cup. It is a female hygiene product used during menstruation to collect period blood. Depending on your flow you can empty and reuse it. Just like tampons, the period cups are also inserted into the vagina. Menstrual cups can be conveniently used during day and night.

Many women have a common question “Are menstrual cups painful” or “Do menstrual cups hurt”. In the beginning stage, there is every chance to think if it hurts but once you get a little practice on how to insert a menstrual cup, you can experience a hassle-free period. Order menstrual cup online and get familiar with the information and usage instructions. When inserted rightly, you don't even feel it until there is a need to empty it. If it is painful or hurting, it means you have not placed the period cup properly or you are not using the right size period cup. It is important to find the right cup for you to experience a better period. There is a also menstrual cup for beginners that is easy and comfortable to use when you are new to using cups. Switch to the best quality reusable menstrual cup to decrease the waste generated from menstruation and support eco-friendly menstrual products.


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Modified on 22 Jan, 2021

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