Are Extra Time condoms safe?

Are Extra Time condoms safe?

Are condoms safe? The most sought question before buying condoms ever since the invention of condoms. But given that condoms have undergone an astounding transformation with the help of burgeoning technology, people have amended their questions with respect to the type of condoms. For example, "Are extra time condoms safe?" "Are flavoured condoms safe to consume?" "Are coloured condoms safe to use?" and so on. But today we will discuss Whether it is safe to use Extra time Condoms?

It is a well-known fact that no condom is harmful to human unless and until he/she is allergic to the material that a condom is made of. The prominent and predominant purpose of a condom is to protect the couples against unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's). Now coming to specifics. So "Are extra time condoms safe?". The extra time condom is nothing but just a condom with a specially formulated lubricant to aid a man to last longer in bed. The special lubricant is often Lidocaine or Benzocaine which is local anaesthesia. This local anaesthesia will numb the penis for a short span of time, as a result of which he will be able to sustain in the game of love for more minutes. Each long-lasting condom will have only a very minimal amount of lubricant which is around 4.5-5%. We can conclude that the extra time condoms are completely safe to use. In fact, you can buy lubricants online in India separately.

No study or research says that these chemicals are harmful to human or possess potential side effects. But before using, the user should always make sure that he/she is not allergic to the lubricant that the condom is coated with. Other than that, it doesn't possess any threat to human health.

Moreover, we haven't received a single negative comment on these products till date. Our customers are overwhelmed by the Extra time condoms bought online.

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Modified on 07 Jul, 2020

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If sensation become numb then there is no pleasure in the game
about 6 months ago
the effect on felmale using delay lubricated condom
about 7 months ago
Ye Kia Kam kerta hi
about 1 years ago
Ye Kia Kam kerta hi
about 1 years ago
How much delaying condoms increase your timing
about 1 years ago
They r extremely hazardous
about 1 years ago
about 1 years ago
about 1 years ago

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