All you need to know about sperm health

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All you need to know about sperm health

All you need to know about sperm health

 It has been a great thing to be conceived for every woman in the society. But, not every woman is gifted to be so. There are so many factors that tend to infertility such as less egg production, weak ovary, weight etc. Coming to men, sperm is the major contributing factor to every Woman for becoming pregnant. It does not only constrain to sperm count, shape, quality and mobility.


What are the things to be avoided for hygienic sperm?

  Smoking: It plays one of the major roles that result in a reduction of your Sperm count and has a negative impact on sperm.

 Alcohol: Consuming more alcohol affects your functionality of the liver that leads to reducing the levels of oestrogen which is directly connected to sperm health. Stay away from alcohol if you are trying to conceive.

 Cut down your stress Level: Stress is the major attribute that contributes to your sperm production. Relax as much as possible and sleep well with peace every night.

 Avoid wearing tight pants and Jeans: Testicles should be bit cooler than other internal organs of men. Don’t wear tight pants, Jeans and wear loose shorts instead of briefs.

  Don't intake un-prescribed medicines: Some medicines affect the production of sperm count and even lead to impotency. Make sure every medicine that you intake is prescribed by the doctor.

 Avoid using laptop on your lap: If you are using the laptop in a lap for more than half an hour, it can increase the temperature and obviously lead to sperm count reduction.

 Don’t Intake excess caffeine: Survey states that excessive caffeine leads to damage to sperm quality. Check out more: Does coffee leads to infertility?

What are the ways to increase the sperm count?

 Exercise is one of the best ways to make you relax enough, feel fresh by in taking of more oxygen. But doing exercise frequently raises the temperature dramatically and affects the sperm. Intake of plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish which are rich in protein and vitamins. Adding peanuts, walnuts and cashews help to improve the sperm count. Obesity is also one of the factors reducing both sperm count and motility.


Do you have fertility issues?

 It is always better to consult the doctor. They examine your physical, medical health problems and after that, you will undergo a semen analysis. It calculates sperm count, checking the quality and quality and sperm movement. You can also do a home check for sperm count using 2Q sperm check test kit.

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Modified on 07 May, 2020

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