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Pjur anal lubes - how do they help?

 Anal play, a doggy style is one kind of awesome sex game that associated with injection of penis or sex toys inside butt. It really shows you to the path of cloud nine and the best part is that to prevent from pregnancy unless sperm reaches into female vagina. However, everyone had experienced pain and discomfort while riding this top-notch sex game. To overcome this, Pjur anal lubes is splendid for people for those who want to ease with anal play. 



Pjur backdoor Relaxing anal lubes - No Tear, No Pain, No discomfort

 Like its name, it is greatly contributing to relief from sex pain and discomfort. Moreover it is widely recommended and used by people. Pjur is kind of silicone based lubricant, made with the medical ingredients and it assures you keep healthy and normal. It delivers good slippery and reduce friction. It is composed with Jojoba extracts that has a relaxing effect and it is promised to offer long lasting glideability unlike water based lubes.


Why should I use this?


Naturally anus region doesn't have wet and lubricated nature and it is not like vagina. Anus is a sensible area and you just get pain and become uncomfortable without using lubes. You just need more lubes and re-apply often than what you did for vaginal sex. Pjur anal lubes serve you in a better manner and really amazing worth product.


 Is it effective to STD?


It is possible to get sexually transmitted diseases during anal play. Pjur lubes are only applicable to reduce friction and discomfort not for protecting disease against STD. Condoms should be used in any kind of sex to avoid STD.


Why can't I use water based lubes for anal play?

However Water based lubes is widely used but it is not compatible with anal sex. Silicone based lubes dealt great with anal sex as it is long lasting and you won't face risk drying up soon. Water based lubes should not be used in pool water. Perhaps silicone based lubes can be used in water and the combos of water and Pjur lubes makes really ease during anal sex adventures.



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