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Moods lubes and durex lubes variations

When it comes to friction, Lubricants can make extra oomph to your lovemaking. Choosing a lubricant is challenging because it comes with different variations such as fragrance, cool, flavored etc. Lubricants enhance intimacy and provide safety by preventing from condom damage and increase its effectiveness in relieving dryness during sexual intercourse. Water based lubes is widely used and recommended to use with condoms rather than silicone lubes, oil based lubes.

Moods lubes

Moods lubes is Water based lubricant that helps to enhance your sexual ride. It comes with different variety such as moods warm Lubes and moods cool lubes. It is a water soluble fluid that degrade the friction and more slippery at intercourse. It is odorless, super-moisturized and easily washed after use.


Durex Lubes

Durex Lubes is water based lubricant for couples who want to add a new sensation and spice to their sex life. Plus, it has delicate fragrance and flavor and more than that, some durex lubes such as durex play massage is used for body massage as well as intimate areas. It makes sex more enjoyable and has an amazing reaction when the two come together.



It should not be used in advanced months of pregnancy because there is a chance of lubes to reach your baby. If you experience any irritation or allergies, stop using the lube and consult your doctor. It is not for contraception. You may use condoms with the water based lubricant. All lubricants should be used within three months and it is  best to avoid contact with eyes.

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Moods warm lubes - 60 ml


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